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Camel power turns sesame into precious oil in Afghanistan

 Old Afghan men looking to soothe their aching joints or enrich their rice dishes stand around a tiny shop where they are lulled by a ... Full story

Modern jewelries in Afghanistan

 Since old era, jewelries have been common in Afghanistan but it has recently developed and beautiful jewelry designs are made by machine similar to other ... Full story

Women’s handicrafts flourishing

 Large number of ladies and women beside their higher educations, improve their economy through handicrafts. They are involved in their homes in handicrafts products to ... Full story

Proper places needed to process pea, peanut

 Afghanistan products, particularly fresh and dried fruits are expected to be called one of the important resources to financially help the country. Haji Dad Ali, head ... Full story

Music directorate’s Nowruz preparation

 Music department of the ministry of information and culture has said it was doing its best to launch special local and Kabul original music during ... Full story

Chronological glance at traditional Nowruz festival

 Since the reign of Aryayees in Bokhdi ancient (Balkh) particularly the second monarch of Peshdadians dynasty (Jemshed) the Nowruz festival was celebrated with seven days ... Full story

Preparations for better celebration of ‘1397 Nowruz festival’

 The authorities of the MoIC said that based on a presidential decree special commission has been established for celebration of Nowruz festival and it has ... Full story

Nowruz traditions in Afghanistan

 Celebration of ancient Nowruz festival in Afghanistan has a long and rich historical background. Every year, the Afghan people celebrate the beautiful Nowruz festival with ... Full story

We celebrate Nowruz festival more splendid: Ministry

 The spokesman of Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MoAIL), Akbar Rustami in a briefing with The Kabul Times reporter said that the ministry of ... Full story

Afghans celebrate Nawruz with similar tradition

 In Kabul and provinces, people celebrate the new year with particular traditions. In Kabul, people go to Asheqan-o-Arefan, Shah Shaheed, Shohaday-e-Salehin Mazar-i-Sakhi (when Amand Shah ... Full story

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