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Cinema Baharistan destruction against cinema culture, Arefi

 Once upon a time, Cinema Baharistan was one of the most crowded movies in Kabul, it had started activity since 1351, but unfortunately was changed ... Full story

Winter solstice in Afghan culture

 Though the winter nights are the longest nights of the year but in the culture of Afghan people, 40 days, of winter are called as ... Full story

Afghan carpet weavers are putting drones on their rugs

 When it comes to what to depict on rugs, Afghan weavers traditionally turn to what’s most familiar. So in the 1980s, when the Mujahedeen were ... Full story

Approval of new marriage law prevents huge expenses

 While wedding parties are still one of the most controversial issues in Afghan society, the lower house approved a new marriage law based on which ... Full story

Logar ancient, historical sites need urgent attention

 Locating 65 km south of capital Kabul, Logar is one of the ancient historical provinces with seven administrative units (districts) with the provincial capital of ... Full story

Historical sites of Afghanistan: Khosh-Tepa

 Khosh-Tepa was discovered and recognized in 1966 (1348). Geographically, Khosh-Tepa located on 36p 13’ northern latitude and 48p 68’ eastern longitude east of Baghlan Sai ... Full story

Afghan handicrafts enjoy high value

Due to its particular cultural specifications, the Afghan handicrafts have always been at the focus of attention of Afghans and the world people. These handicrafts ... Full story

Film role-player Usmani trying to help enhance cinema

 An Afghan film role-player, Abdul Wahid Usmani in his briefing with The Kabul Times said he was strongly interested in filmmaking craft to help enhance ... Full story

Speech of Zardasht Shams, at the opening of Afghanistan’s Exhibition, “The Hidden Treasures" in Kyushu National Museum, Japan

Honorable Executive Director of Kyushu National Museum, Mr. SHIMATANI Hiroyuki, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: I am highly honored to represent the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan ... Full story

Traditions of Bamyan people on advent of Eid

 The world Muslims celebrate every year different occasions like Nowruz festival, Eid-ul- Fitr and Eid-ul-Adah in different ways. In our country, the Eid days are celebrated ... Full story

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