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Preparation for 2nd SAARC festival in Bamyan

 The ancient province of Bamyan was recognized in 2015 by South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) as the first culture capital which is now ... Full story

Ainak Mountain; an ancient, strategic area

 The Akinak copper mine located on Ainak Mountain, is one of the extremely important ancient, strategic area. Its location, elevation, existence of width walls, stone ... Full story

Preparations for orange flower festival in Nangarhar

 The Nawroz is the beginning of spring, the season of freshness and renaissance of the nature. At the end of cold winter, preparations are started for ... Full story

Jam minaret, one of UNESCO’s cultural heritage

 The Jam minaret is erected in Ghor province and is belong to 12 century AD and is include of UNESCO’s cultural heritages. This minaret ... Full story

Baghlan historical monuments should be rehabilitated: Official

 The historical places and monuments of each province are the identity of Afghan people and its rich history and without it introducing of the country ... Full story

Civil Society threatens to boycott next elections if Bamyan ‘ignored once again’

A number of civil society activists in central Bamyan province warned on Thursday would boycott next parliamentary elections, if the long retarded province was once ... Full story

In Afghanistan, teaching music to overcome war’s percussion

 When insurgents launched a brazen attack that turned into a nine-hour siege in the heart of the capital, many government and Western offices shut down ... Full story


Mithras has in fact been the God of Sun and is one of the Aryayee Gods that has been mentioned in Rig Vida in the ... Full story

Hazar Som

Hazar Som village located 15 km to Aibak city the provincial capital of Samangan province in which local inhabitants are living in ordinary houses and ... Full story


For the first time during the reign of Muslim King Zainul Abedeen, mahabarat was translated from Sansikrit to Farsi for understanding to the book contents. In the wake of that, Naqib Qazvini also translated Mahabarat from Sanikrit to Farsi. ... Full story

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