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Electricity much needed for development of Afghanistan

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Electricity much needed for development of Afghanistan
 Afghanistan is rich in water, lands, mountains and mine resources. As our country has lots of water, construction of hydro power dams is needed to produce electricity as well as provide water for irrigation of agricultural fields in the country.
Moreover, our country has various mines in many parts of the country. If the government of Afghanistan finds the capacity for extraction of mines, the country’s economy and daily life of the people will improve and most of Afghans will find employments. 
Afghanistan has 25 big rivers and more than 100 small streams and mountains full of snows, so the government and people should fully make use of the country’s water. Currently, Afghanistan has 48 billion (cubic meter) water flowing in various rivers of the country. 
As water is a big grant of Almighty Allah, it should be used inside of the country. Nevertheless, nearly 80 % of the country’s water is flowing to neighboring countries in particular Iran and Pakistan.
Iran has constructed 600 dams on rivers flowing from Afghanistan in order to store water although the country does not have the right to store such quantity of water.
Based on agreement signed between Afghanistan and Iran in 1972, Iran has the right to have 26 cubic meter /second. 
As mentioned before, water is very important and needed for drinking, irrigation of agricultural fields and providing electricity which is highly needed for development of a country. 
Unfortunately, for nearly three decades, the availability of secure energy supplies in Afghanistan was significantly disrupted by conflict. Much of the country’s power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure was destroyed, and what remained was stretched far beyond capacity. More than 90% of the population had no access to electricity.
In January 2009, electricity began to flow into Kabul along a newly constructed transmission line running from neighboring Uzbekistan. For the first time in more than a generation, the majority of the capital’s people can now enjoy the benefits of power.
Nevertheless, during the past two years, Afghanistan government has paid considerable attention to construction of a number of dams in different parts of the country as construction of Salma dam, Kamal Khan dam and others.
Also, a number of projects providing electricity are under implementation in Herat and other provinces of the country.  
For example, by implementation of TAPI and CASA – 1000 projects Afghanistan will get lots of benefits and most of Afghan families will have both electricity and gas.
Another project which will provide electricity to central and southern parts of the country is TUTAP which is funded by USAID and implemented by KEC Company. 
Previously, Turkmenistan President had promised Afghanistan President to further increase exports of more electricity and energy to Afghanistan. But, Afghanistan government is anticipated to further make effort towards construction of dams inside of the country because electricity is key to development of Afghanistan.
 Karima Malikzada