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9th Silk Road festival held in Bamyan

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9th Silk Road festival held in Bamyan
 In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on the importance of the Silk Road festival, the head of Bamyan provincial department of information and culture Sayed Ahmad Hussein Ahmadpoor said, Bamyan is located on the course of Silk Route and has been one of the most important ways in the course of history in which trade caravans had been moving. This year, we held the ninth silk rout festival here as in the last eight years Silk Road festivals had been held in this province. The goal behind these festivals is introduction of Bamyan historical assets. Bamyan province has gained important achievements as it was announced for the first time as SAARC capital and several cultural programs were held in this province. Due to sheltering of large number of historical relics, Bamyan was included the list of the world cultural heritages.
 Spectacular ancient sites including Band-e-Amir, Gholghola city, Buddha statues and tens other touristic sites are among historical and entertainment sites. Bamyan noble native handicrafts includes embroideries, clothes, hat making, Shawl, rugs, carpets etc have good reputation in world markets which are produced by Bamyan women, he added.
He went on to say, Silk Route festival was held in national park and other parts of Bamyan in which local handicrafts, foods, music, sport, paintings and photos were displayed and large number of visitors inspected it and enjoyed. We try to encourage people to rehabilitate their forgotten culture and enrich them. Sport competitions were held between boys and girls and girls particularly were encouraged to develop initiatives. Foreign visitors also attended the festival. 
Due to launching of these cultural events over two hundreds thousands tourists visited it this year. The number of foreign tourists has also doubled.
We are expected to organize cycling program, running programs and skiing during winter with foreign ski players. We plan to hold international ski programs once a year. The expenditures of this festival is expected to be funded by Women Solidarity Foundation.
Being art fostering people, inhabitants of Bamyan make over 35 kinds of famous local foods which are common in Bamyan including oven baked potato breads. Bamyan felt carpet enjoys global reputation. Local sports include wrestling, jousting, Buzkashi and horse riding.
 Shukria Kohistani