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TAPI pipeline’s work to soon start in Afghanistan, officials

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TAPI pipeline’s work to soon start in Afghanistan, officials
 Based on an agreement reached between the government of former president of Afghanistan, the construction work of this project could begun months before and be completed till 2017, but finally the work of this project began in 2015.
Although, the authorities of government of Afghanistan due to a fresh report said that the pipeline of gas of TAPI project would reach to the border of Afghanistan till next three months. But, they believe the reason behind the delay of construction of the project is reduction of gas price and crisis in world markets of gas and fuel.
Afghan ambassador, Mirwais Nab with confirming of the said issue told media that those companies who shoulder the work of expansion of Gelkash mine didn’t anticipate correctly the fluctuations of gas price in market.
According to him, Turkmenistan made serious effort in connection with  expansion and construction of TAPI gas pipeline.
It is said that construction work of this project in Turkmenistan would be completed in two phases of mine development and construction of gas pipeline within next four months and would reach to border of Afghanistan.
 It is mentionable that the project technical studies has begun in the soil of Afghanistan and for its execution the government of Afghanistan would use all alternatives with contracted companies.
On the other, the ministry of mines and petroleum of Afghanistan assured about its readiness for beginning of practical work of this project after its completion in Turkmenistan.
The spokesman of ministry of mines and petroleum Abdul Qadir Mustafa in regard with the programs of this ministry for the beginning of the work of this project said that all grounds are prepared for beginning of the work of this project and with reaching to Afghanistan, its practical work would also begin soon.
For the first time, the program of project of TAPI was setforth in Afghanistan in 1991.
Although on the basis of agreement reached within the government of former president, Hamid Karzai, the practical work of this project should begun early and should complete till 2017 but finally began in 2015 by the leaders of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkmenistan.
This project that would transfer 33 billion cu.m gas via a pipeline with the length of 18141 km from central Asia to the South of this continent, its construction work would be completed till the end of 2019.
The total expenditure of this project estimated to 10 billion dollars that its 85 percent would be paid by Turkmenistan, 15 percent by Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
This pipeline will cross 147 km the soil of Turkmenistan, 735 km of Afghanistan and with passing via Pakistan with the length of 800 km links with India.
In Afghanistan, TAPI passes through Herat and Farah provinces in west and in south from Helmand and Kandahar provinces.
The government of Afghanistan would establish a 7000 men special unit for maintaining of its security.
In addition of annually $ 500 million transitional fee, this would provide employment for 12000 unemployed.
Likewise, in first 10 years, annually, 500 million cu.m gas would be provided for the removal of requirement of Afghan people that this figure would increase in second and third year two and three folds.
At the same time, with the linkage of TAPI pipeline with Afghanistan, the experts believe the government of Afghanistan should adopt necessary measures for reaching of this pipeline to the borders of Afghanistan. Because, this pipeline is important for the people of Afghanistan.
One of lecturers of Kabul University, Ustad Massoud told The Kabul Times reporter in the connection that the TAPI project is one of greats economic projects of the region especially for Afghanistan that with implementation of it, much opportunities would be provided for our country.
Beside job opportunity for unemployed, Afghanistan gains trust in the region. Transferring of gas and tens other opportunities would be provided for Afghanistan,  Massoud added.
He said that this project is a glad tiding for better tomorrow Afghanistan from economic point of view.
Likewise, Ustad Massoud proposes that the government of Afghanistan should absorb great investments on mines of Afghanistan so that this country to reach to its self-sufficiency.
This is in a time that the governments of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, India and Pakistan have reached in to agreement to transfer the gas to regional countries.
But, these countries should cooperate in maintaining security of this gas pipeline as well.
Shukria Kohistani