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Autumn; the season of cultivation and farmers’ expectations from government

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Autumn; the season of cultivation and  farmers’ expectations from government
 With the beginning of autumn season especially in the provinces enjoy cold weather, cultivation begins.
The farmers make effort before snowfall to cultivate their land.
Because, with snowfall, the farmlands become icy and in such state there was no possibility for cultivation of crops.
In such opportunity, the farmers were demanding from provincial incharges concerned as well as from ministry of agriculture in the capital for promotion of level of agricultural yields and timely cultivation of land are not afford to purchase improved seeds and chemical fertilizer from market. 
This is in a time that the armed opponent groupings in the provinces and districts they are ruling, are making effort with creating insecurity force farmers to cultivate their lands with poppy, especially those farmers have no possibility to cultivate their lands with wheat and other crops, while if the agricultural incharges concerned especially in provinces to help farmers with providing improved seeds and a quantity of chemicalfertilizer.
In such a way, if more land comes under cultivation, no doubt, how much land comes under cultivation in such a scale, the level of yields promotes and on the other, increment in poppy cultivation also prevented.
It should not be forgotten that this demand of farmers in fact is their main one and is investigated in a time that the ministry of agriculture to have some allout plans and measures for adopting within autumn season.
According to it’s annual plans, the ministry of agriculture should have some helping programs for peasants in connection with distribution of much quantity of improved seeds and chemical fertilizer to farmers which were prepared in regular packages and this should take place especially in autumn season. This process especially promoted in Herat province, because this province is having vast farmland for cultivation of variety of improved seeds even such improved wheat seeds are cultivated in other provinces as well.
Helping programs have implemented for peasants. The ministry of agriculture especially the incharges of agriculture in Herat within some years, import several varieties of wheat seed from overseas for promotion of wheat yields and lay down at the disposal of farmers, so that from one side, the level of products be promoted and on the other, the farmers to cultivate vast area with wheat that is the primary need of our people and the level of import of grain from abroad would also decreased.
According to experts, this great ordeal is met in a time the assistance of foreign countries that taken place for expansion of agriculture even for prevention from poppy cultivation and creation of alternate crop for this fatal phenomenon to ministry of agriculture and counter narcotics ministry not to be embezzled. Based on a regular plan, the assisted material be distributed to farmers within cultivation season so that they cultivate vast area with crops.
We believe completely that if better condition be prepared for cultivation of wheat and other crops for peasants, the latter never resort to poppy cultivation which is forbidden according to Islamic Sharia.
But, paying less heed by incharges to farmers in removal of their problems existed in providing improved seeds and chemical fertizers in season of cultivation caused the agricultural land not come under cultivation. Because, majorityof farmers as a result of insecurity and being low the level of yields, they have no possibility to cultivate their land and this situation in some districts of Helmand, Farah, Kandahar and northern provinces are the factors behind cultivation of land by poppy and armedmen did with pre-paying money encourage farmers to poppy cultivation while the formers gain huge sum of money from it and a meagre sum of money earns from poppy, pours in the pocket of farmers. 
If the incharges of agriculture take the initiative and within cultivation season run to helping peasants and lay down improved seed at the disposal of them, in such a state, the outcome of farmers never be taken by armedmen and the issue is known by agricultural incharges and are comprehending the removal of peasants’ requirements causes the promotion of level of products and respond to the voice of farmers. There were much possibilities so that they adopt allout measures in the connection. 
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