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Afghan-Pak authorities should tackle trade problems

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Afghan-Pak authorities should tackle trade problems
 Pakistan has reportedly increased taxes on Afghan goods, causing the country’s traders to stop fresh fruits export to the neighboring country.
The country’s traders in southern province of Kandahar, have been said to stop grapes and pomegranates to Pakistan and the stoppage is entered its fourth, according to reports.
The move if continued would not only harm Afghan traders, but also would impose heavy losses on the Pakistan exports and would be a harsh blow to the Afghan-Pak trade deals.
Grapes and pomegranates are mostly exported to Pakistan from Kandahar and the neighboring country would suffer considerable losses if the problem were not met.
Both Afghan and Pakistan traders have jointly said that trade and transit issues should not be politicalized and the country’s governments should do their best to enter a dialogue to solve the problems beyond their political tensions.
Relations between the two countries trace back to centuries and the two nations couldn’t be separated from each other, and the two nations would mostly likely protest against the subversive actions, as they made earlier.
Traders in the southern province said they didn’t export fresh fruits as they had boycotted exports to Pakistan after it increased import duty on the Afghans.
According to them, Pakistan had increased customs duty on hundreds of types of imported goods including grapes and pomegranates of Kandahar, and the neighboring country had previously charged 6,000 Pakistani rupees tax on each ton of pomegranates from Kandahar but increased the duty to Rs15, 000 in the new tax policy, a local media quoted.
In the past, the tax on one ton of grape was 8,000 Pakistani rupees that soared to Rs28, 000.
The high taxes had rendered Afghan traders unable even to pay transport cost, a reason traders stopped their exports to Pakistan since last three days.
The government should discuss the issue with Pakistan and help reduce the tax to the previous amounts, and complained Pakistan always created problems for country’s traders.
According to media, some 100 fresh fruit traders had shared the issue with the Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Industry head, but to no avail.
The problem had also been shared with Pakistani authorities for a solution, earlier and both countries should reduce their taxes on some types of fruits and food items and resolve the problem.
The neighboring country, last year, also closed the Spin Boldak border crossing for three weeks at a time when fresh fruits season was in peak in Kandahar, causing eight million afghanis loss to Afghan traders.
According to media, Pakistan has increased taxes on 400 types of imported goods, including goods from Afghanistan. 
The Kabul Times