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Kabul pre-condition for reopening of Waga Port

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Kabul pre-condition for reopening of Waga Port
 The authorities of government of Afghanistan have proclaimed that this country to join to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in a time that Pakistan to keep open the Waga Port for transferring of Afghan merchandised to India. 
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has suggested that if Pakistan doesn’t permit Afghanistan to transfer its merchandized to India via Pakistan-China economic corridor, Afghanistan would also deprive Pakistan to transfer its merchandized to central Asian nations via Afghanistan.
Hinting to save havens prepared by Pakistan to terrorists, in his speech delivered in New Delhi in Vive Kanada International Foundation, president Ghani has said that safe havens were prepared, procurements were prepared, training was prepared, ideological base was prepared. Pakistan should be a linking point. Pakistan is in need of selection. Our reaction would be determined on the basis of Pakistan selection. 
Diplomat Daily printed in Pakistan writes that it is expected the Pakistan-China economic corridor to change the game in south Asia.
The CPEC of China- Pakistan (CPEC) is part of ambitious belt and way of China (BRI).
It is a expansional infrastructural plan worth $ 54 billion that its important aim is joining of Xingjian of China with Gowadar Port of Pakistan.
Despite this, with beginning of such great infrastructural projects, the economic Pakistan-China corridor attracted the attention of other regional players.
As of Oct. 2016 Afghanistan even through official channels showed its interest for joining to this project.
Emphasize laid by ambassador of Afghanistan in Islamabad, Omar Zakhelwal on joining of Afghanistan to this corridor is one of these samples.
In 2016 Zakhelwal said that joining to this development project is not only useful for Pakistan but would be useful for all region.
Need for presence of Afghanistan:
If this project be implemented successfully, with joining of Afghanistan to this project, China and Pakistan would bring much benefit.
Since long, China has showed its interest to intact natural resources of Afghanistan, but because of security reasons in this country, prevented from further investment and procurements.
On the other, Pakistan would earn benefit from easy access to central Asia via Afghanistan as well as economic assistance from repatriation of Afghan refugees to their country after maintaining security.
As a land-locked country, Afghanistan needs seriously to have access to Chinese investors for expansion of infrastructures and promotion of its economy.
So, it is considered that trilateral cooperation for including of Afghanistan to Pakistan- China economic corridor can be useful for all involved sides.
Because of its geographic location as crossroad between south and central Asia, Afghanistan has strategic worth for China.
Additionally, its vast intact mineral resources is a worthy economic opportunity.
According to reports, the potential worth of Afghanistan minerals including gold, precious stones as well as other elements such as lithium and seldom soils that have their own vital importance for modern electronic means are estimated over $ 1000 billion.
Despite this, the great security challenges and corruption in Afghanistan took the opportunities for investment in Afghanistan in the past.
With stabilizing the security situation, Afghanistan would be the working priority for every investor.
The effort that needs much cooperation.
Based on this reason, in 2008, for access to Ainak copper mine, the second intact large reservoir in the world, China signed a 20 years accord with government of Afghanistan.
With this $ three billion agreement, China expressed its serious interest to this project. But, because of insecurity reasons and Taliban attacks, this project stopped.
On the other, Afghanistan would open its doors for Pakistan for establishment of mutual cooperation and easy access to trade to central Asia that not, this commuting is continuing in this itinerary.
With improvement of economic situation in Afghanistan that links with improvement of security, this region can be a transit route for the countries like Pakistan. 
The Kabul Times