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3000 poultry farms operating in Afghanistan

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3000 poultry farms operating in Afghanistan
 Afghandost is the only supplier capable of offering a wide range of solution for the poultry sector. Afghanistan processing and packaging company has always made effort to prevent importing of chicken meet and eggs and instead strived to produce quality products with the lowest prices throughout the country. 
The company’s head, Ahmad Shah Ahmadi told The Kabul Times that we had imported chicken meet and eggs for fifteen years, but then we decided to establish a poultry farm in Afghanistan. We have started our activity in four sections and standard norms, he further said. 
He added we have also employed 300 people in our company.
By establishing the poultry farm, importing chicken meat has decreased by 70 percent and we are making effort to cover all the country, he went on to say. 
The farm has 100000 hen, through which we receive 80 to 90000 eggs on daily basis, he continued.
“We are making effort to produce the hens’ feed with standard norms,” he added. 
There are three types of machineries in our company, one is related to feed, the next one is for the slaughtering and the third one is to remove the smell from the farm, he said. 
The prices of our products are 20 to 30 afg higher then foreign ones, he said, adding some meats don’t legally import to the country and if the government pays heed in this regard, the prices would considerably go down, as well as job opportunities would also be paved for a number of youth. “We have three poultry farms in eastern Nangarhar province, each one with distance of 10 to 12km,” he said.  Annually, we produce 250 tons and we are very glad in the respect, he said adding we will make effort to make our productions high for next year. 
There are many challenges before our work such as insecurity and loans with interest, he said. This is while that 3000 poultry farms are operating throughout the country, but unfortunately, still some traders make effort to import low-quality chicken meat to the country. Karima Malikzada