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Next year’s budget should pay more attention towards energy, water, agriculture & resources

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Next year’s budget should pay more attention  towards energy, water, agriculture & resources
 A Kabul University lecturer, Ustad Saifuddin Saihoon in connection with budget of 1397 solar year that recently presented to senate by ministry of finance, in a briefing told The Kabul Times reporter that in this budget, balance should be considered.
Unfortunately, in the sections that people need more, the budget has been allotted is insufficient such as the sectors of agriculture, generating of energy, water supply, social immunity and sectors provide employment as well asrepatriates that our people are facing with problems. The government should pay more attention in the connection.
In connection with optional budget and non-optional budget, this economic expert says that now, 60 percent of budget of Afghanistan is optional and other institutions have no right to spend it, so I think in terminologies, they have their own problems in measuring of budget and some mistakes were considered. For example: The mistakes were appeared by minister of finance about imaginary money in draft budget of 1397 fiscal year presented to the session.
He added that discussion on this that the imaginary money that enshrined by ministry of finance in draft financial budget is the money that has no reality. This means that money has been pledged, but in practice, there is nothing. It could not be enshrined by ministry of finance in the draft of financial budget.
Albeit the budget of all countries are made on the basis of government incomes. It is untrue, the moneys were not guaranteed be enshrined in the draft of budget.
Hinting on budget financial balance, Saihoon added that unfortunately, in the course of history, these budgets have no balance. The most imbalanced budget within recent years are the budget discussed government of Afghanistan. This means that neither in sectors, nor in regions, nor social services and nor provinces the balance is existed.
This budget is nothing but a limited reflection of a budget. You imagine that two billion dollars has been allotted for development budget that this figure is more lesser for a country.
He stated that ordinary budget of Afghanistan that 60 percent of it is spent in security sectors and its 40 present in other sectors, is very insufficient.
One percent of it is considered for social services, economic immunity, ministry of women affairs, ministry of repatriates, poors, displaced. For a country that 60 percent of its people live under poverty line, is it sufficient? Never.
This budget is not balanced, is not employment provider as well as not just.
Itsanother fault is this that the budget is not based on pillar of province and geography.
He continued that the budget of Afghanistan maintains energy, provides water, food immunity, provides employment for unemployed in different sectors. But, unfortunately, the budget are transferred from one year to another because of lack of working capacity.
Likewise, in sector of investment in human resources for energy, road asphalting, urban development and important from all in sector of industry that provides employment for unemployed. If government pays heed, the problems of people would be addressed. At the same time, in budget of 1397 fiscal year, the ministry of finance allotted from 9 to 14 percent of budget for the sectors of security, education, higher education, infrastructural institutions and ministry of agriculture.
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As a total, the national budget of 1397 is 357.6 billion Afs that its 267 billion Afs is ordinary and 90 billion Afs is development budget.
From total development budget its 35 billion Afs is optional budget and 55 billion other non optional budget.
In development sector such as construction of Aqina-Torghundi rail road, Silk Route, building of Azure Corridor, construction of 21 large and medium dams, water supply projects and construction of roads in rural areas are the priorities of government in budget of coming year.
The international community pledged that 60 percent of their contributions should be spent through national budget.
Minister of finance, IkleelHakimi during presentation of this draft budget told senate that the draft budget of 1397 fiscal year is arranged considering the economic condition of the country and people’s requirements. Comparing the budget of 1396 year, the budget of fiscal year 1397 reduced about 109 billion Afs.
Hakimi added that the reason behind this reduction is this that the budget of 1397 is arranged in accord with international standards and the imaginary money has been omitted. The senate members say that the ministry of finance didn’t enshrined the consultations of senate in the draft of budget and there is no need to introduce the budget to the senate. At the same time, first secretary of senate, Mohammad AlamI zedyar said that based on the constitution, the draft budget is introduced to the senate, but unfortunately,the competences of senate in connection with budget is limited according to constitution and the draft budget only introduces to senate for proposal of consultation and the house of people is authorized to approve or refute the national budget. 
Shukria Kohistani