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Lapis Lazuli road a new trade-transit opportunity

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Lapis Lazuli road a new trade-transit opportunity
 During the seventh meeting of RECCA, a final agreement was signed among Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Georgian, Azerbaijan and Turkey and practical ground of exploitation of this road was paved.
The Lapis Lazuli road is attributed to a trade-transit course which starts from Afghanistan and passing through the abovementioned countries, is ultimately connected to central Europe. 
Commercial merchandize are expected to be transported by railways as well as a road from Afghanistan to Europe and vice versa.
Exploitation of this road could be considered as an important opportunity to land locked Afghanistan who has no free access to sea. Advantages of this road include lack of security threats, low transportation expenditures and short itinerary that takes slight time for reaching of Afghan and European consignments to each other’sdestination.
With signing of final agreement of this process and finalization of its concern legal regime among these countries, indeed all available obstacles ahead of this project have been removed and hope its utilization would be started soon.
Connecting of Afghanistan to global markets, growth and expansion of the country’s trade through different ways including definition of legal procedures and establishment of relations with regional and central Asian countries and free access to various economic corridors are among basic programs of the NUG. Since taking over, the NUG have gained many achievements in infrastructural fields including exploitation of Chahbahar port, connection of Afghanistan to railways of some central Asia countries etcdespite of some negative and pessimistic opinions. 
Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly said that he would change Afghanistan to regional high way and a connecting point.
Due to its particular geopolitical and geo-economic location, Afghanistan has this potential to connect east and west as well as north and south of Asia. 
The Afghan leader believes that regional and Asia countries could define and practice policies that would result in comprehensive strategic cooperations in all fields including economic instead of negative competitions. 
In opinion of president Ghani, this would be in the benefit of all Asian countries to undertake organized and coordinated efforts for expansion of collective cooperations particularly in economic sphere.
Exploitation of Lapis Lazuli road and commencement of trade transportation through which enjoys extraordinary importance not only for landlocked Afghanistan who has been dependent to Pakistan roads and ports that have never been easy and void of headache to our businessmen but to all countries located along this course.
Manufacturing and transportation companies could also benefit this road and it would create plenty of employment opportunities to those countries and would enable their nationals to earn sufficient income. 
The Kabul Times