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Hike of fuel prices concerning

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Hike of fuel prices concerning
 Complaining on increasing prices, a number of Kabul residents told The Kabul Times that each year, when the winter arrives, they face hike of fuel prices. 
A Kabul citizen Abdulhai said, “Each year, the prices get double when the winter arrives and the government is unable to control the situation.” 
Qadria, another Kabul inhabitant said, however, the security situation has not yet improved, but the government should prevent storing fuels during winter, because, we have always witnessed hike of fuel and foodstuff prices in winter, an action which is really concerning. 
At the same time, the lower house of the parliament has recently summoned the officials of the ministry for commerce, fuel enterprise and standard and norm agency on hike of prices.
The session which was recently held, the related officials said that fuel prices have not increased as to be concerning. 
Acting minister of commerce, Firuz Khan Masjidi said, “Foodstuff prices have increased by one or two Afg and the fuels by five to seven Afg, which is not really concerning.” 
He said the gas price has increased in entire world markets. 
Head of fuel enterprise Tamim said his agency has completed the work of its strategic reservoirs and it stocks gas in different provinces, which would be used in case of need. 
Unsound competitions among the private sector have caused the fuel prices to increase and the oil enterprise cannot interfere due to legal limitations, he further said. 
The law on gas and oil has been proposed to the national assembly and it is hoped by its implementation, the agency could interfere in market, he added. 
The oil enterprise would ensure the gas needs of the government administrations in upcoming winter, a move would decrease the fuel prices in the market, he went on to say.
The entity has established many booths to sell fuels in the capital Kabul, and it is making effort to somehow decline the oil prices, he said, adding currently, a kg gas is being sold in 43 Afg and the price would reach to 45 during winter. 
This is while that six months ago, the people said the oil enterprise would increase the number of booths in Kabul, but it has not been practiced so far. 

At the same time, importing low quality fuels, is the main reason behind air pollution in the capital Kabul.
The standard and norm agency in-charges said that the work licenses of 58 oil companies have been invalided due to importing low-quality fuels this year. 
Head of the entity said, “Afghanistan cannot make high its standards level, because, sometimes, the prices are unexpectedly get increased.”
The entity intends to increase the fuel standard level as like as the European countries, he added. 
This comes as recently, existence of mafia groups has caused low-quality fuels to be imported to the country, a move which has caused outbreak of different types of diseases in the country. 
Shukria Kohistani