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Balanced trade: Afghanistan bans Pakistani trucks

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Balanced trade: Afghanistan bans Pakistani trucks
 The authorities in Ministry of Transport say that prevention from entrance of Pakistan trucks loaded with Pakistani merchandized in the soil of Afghanistan will be executed soon. 
At the end of Mizan month of current year, president Ghani issued an order based on prevention from import of Lorries loaded with Pakistani merchandized into Afghanistan.
The authorities in Ministry of Transport say that the order of the president in the connection will be executed soon.
According to this order, the merchandized of Pakistan should be unloaded in Tourkham and Spin Boldak borders and be transferred by Afghan lorries to related areas of the country.
The political witnesses regard this move of the president as a similar step taken against Pakistan and support it.
Pakistan didn’t permit Afghan trucks loaded with Afghan merchandized into its soil.
These witnesses stated that Pakistan sees Afghan commerce and transit as a political conception and always creates hurdle and problem in this respect and taking similar step by Afghanistan can be a punishment for Pakistan.
The experts in economic affairs also welcome this measure of president and regard it as a move towards support from private sector.
They lay emphasize that prevention from import of Pakistan mechanized creates working opportunities and would cause providing the ground for employment as well as improvement of economic situation in the country.
Forbidding from import of Pakistan merchandized by Lorries and despite the cases mentioned by political witnesses and economic experts, this impacts in sector of security and prevention from further demolishing of main roads as well.
The security forces time and again beside explosive cases, weapons, confiscated ammunition, narcotics and other illegal commercial commodities that were transferring to Afghanistan by Lorries loaded by Pakistan merchandized.
The flagrant examples of such violations is entrance of septic tanker that was used in suicide attack in the area of Charrahi Zanbaq of Kabul city.
This tanker had come from beyond Durand Line and Shahid Khaqan, prime minister of Pakistan himself confessed to it.
Beside this that the Lorries of Pakistan are using as mean by terrorists in transferring of explosive materials, from economic point of view is also creating problem for Afghanistan.
The majority of these Lorries are loading more than their capacities and this causes our main roads be demolished, while the government of Pakistan, the owners of transport companies as well as its Lorries’ drivers never accept responsibility in the connection and rendered no cooperation.
Despite this, import of Pakistan commodities to Afghanistan and their free entrance in Afghanistan is unilateral by Pakistan while the latter never permit Afghanistan and India transit via its itinerary and also never permit Afghanistan to reach its Lorries to Waga port.
So, this move of president Ghani is a deserving one in the issue of balanced trade with Pakistan that should not be retreated from it. 
Masouda Qarizada