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Businesswomen, their effective activities in Afghanistan

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Businesswomen, their effective activities in Afghanistan
Currently, a large number of businesswomen are busy in economic activities in different parts of the country and their number is increasing by each passing day.
A businesswomen who is not only a member of Afghanistan women trade chamber and also running an advertisement company, Zahra Jafari told The Kabul Times that my company names ‘Qoqnous’ and is working in terms of advertisements for women with discount as well as it produces short movies, animations and logos. 
She is 35, whom with less money could establish an advertisement company, through which she tries her best to also help other women stand on their own feet.
She also held many training workshops for women, through which to teach them how to start a business and access to market and finally she succeeded to create a chamber for Afghan businesswomen.
To find a solution for those businesswomen who have problems, she established the advertisement company to promote their activities and works. To improve Afghan businesswomen condition, she said I have trained many women on trade laws, tax, how to find market and other effective opportunities.
She said the businesswomen have held many exhibitions inside and outside the country so far which have been very effective, through which they also noticed other women how to hold exhibitions and display their products.
She said we have held many exhibitions in India and Turkmenistan, and the Afghan women had displayed their handicrafts, jewelries and other products.
She believes the Afghan women have been empowered and can help beef up their country’s economy with their efficient activities. 
It is merit to mention that there are 800 businesswomen have been registered in Afghanistan women trade chamber, but Ms. Zahra believes that a large number of women work across the country to economically help their families and are practically working in different sections.
She said infrastructural issues, insecurity, lack of power and market are among the problems before them and asked the government to seriously step up in the respect. 
This is while that the Afghan businesswomen can play active role on economy of their households and try not to be a burden to men.