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People should cooperate in implementation of TAPI project

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People should cooperate in implementation of TAPI project
 During meeting with a number of dignitaries and representatives of Helmand province, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani suggested that the TAPI project that is the pride and honor of all of us, would reach to Herat province in near future.
President Ghani wants people especially from the people of those provinces this project passes through them to cooperate in its implementation. According to the president, the enemies of Afghanistan don’t want this important project to be implemented.
The TAPI project is one of joint economic programs among four countries of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and it is planned with reaching to its completion, annually, thousands tons natural gas to be transferred from Turkmenistan to south Asia via Afghanistan.
Last year, the practical and implementation work of this project began by the presidents of the said countries in Ashqabad and since that time, Turkmenistan completed substructures and pipeline of the project in its soil and would reach to Afghanistan as soon as possible and work of its implementation in Afghanistan would begin in 2018 and after passing through different provinces of the country, finally would reach to Pakistan.
Implementation and utility from TAPI project has positive impact in strengthening of relations of involved countries and would cause the morale of convergence and friendship be strengthened. Because, the same has been experienced in other countries and economic interest can cause deep impacts in improvement of political ties.
It is hoped the cold relations existed among few partners of this project as a result of convergence to get improved in the future and its coldness replaced by warmth.
Majority of men of thought accepted this theory that pivot economic policies removed the protractions overshadowed over relations of nations and countries, the economic importance of this project is enormous for Afghanistan.
In the course of implementation of this project and after this, thousands job opportunities would be created for our countrymen and these job opportunities in its turn would improve the incomes of families and would also reduce poverty.
After completion of the project, in the course of extension of pipeline, work opportunity would also be provided in connection with transferring of gas as well.
Annually, the government of Afghanistan would gain millions of dollar from transition of gas to south Asia and the people of those provinces located in the itinerary of pipeline would gain gas in a cheaper price. Successful implementation of TAPI project would also have political interest for us. Because, for the first time, Afghanistan placed with utility from its geographic and geo-economic location in the pivot of multi-lateral economic agreement and knots the interests of several nations and the dream of people of Afghanistan comes true in changing of their country as the cross road of economic and political exchange of regional countries. This can enforce the position of our country among regional countries and would cause enhancement of its credibility and importance among world nations.
The authorities of our country, from among them, president Ghani time and again has suggested previously that he would change Afghanistan into a regional and global linking high way.
The government expected from people especially the people of those provinces are located in the itinerary of this project to cooperate in ensuring of security of the project, providing every kind of facility for working team of the project as well as keeping of the means needed for building of substructure and make effort this project be implemented in fieldom of Afghanistan.
The role of tribal influential, religious scholars and dignitaries is important in the connection. These dignitaries can enlighten the public opinion of countrymen in regard with necessity of implementation of the project.
No doubt, our covetous and pessimist neighbors never support such project be implemented in Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan get benefit from it. 
Masouda Qarizada