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Afghanistan active regional economic partner

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Afghanistan active regional economic partner
 In continuation of signing economic agreements among Afghanistan and regional countries, this time, Afghanistan signed about twenty agreements with Uzbekistan government following signing of Lapis Lazuli Road Agreement among Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey  as well as signing of five agreements with Azerbaijan during the Istanbul Process meeting in Baku. These agreements mainly include economic, trade, transit, agriculture, energy…. etc.
Prior to this, Afghanistan had signed agreements with other regional countries that fortunately some of them are being implemented, some others have concluded and practical utilization has started from relevant projects. The infrastructure construction of TAPI project would be concluded soon inside Turkmenistan territory and construction work would be started inside Afghanistan soil in near future.
The first phase of Chabahar port has practically been utilized and for the first time, a big consignment of wheat donated by India to Afghan people, arrived in Afghanistan through this way.
Talking on the creation of a new trade-transit corridor between Afghanistan-Uzbekistan, spokesman of the MoCI said, transportation of goods and commodities by railway, roads and airports between Uzbekistan and South Asia would be started.
He added, Afghanistan would be corridor of transportation of Uzbekistan to South Asia and Uzbekistan would be transportation corridor to central Asia, Russian Federation, China and even European countries. Uzbekistan expressed readiness to expand economic cooperations and investments in Afghanistan.
Addressing a joint press conference with president Ghani, president of Uzbekistan said that his country is ready to play its part in Afghanistan economic development.
All these developments show that Afghanistan is being changed to a reliable economic partner for the regional and world countries and the Afghans dream on changing of Afghanistan to the connecting high way of regional countries and corridor of south and central Asia being materialized practically and intends to play its role as an active economic partner in the region.  
Earlier, Afghan authorities have said that their economic based foreign policy is in the benefit of regional countries. They asked the regional countries to replace their political competitions to friendship in economic fields.
In believe of the Afghan authorities, economic partern the only point that causes to tie interests of regional countries, bridge the gap and narrow the distance among nations.