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Ray of hope

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Ray of hope
 Nowadays good and encouraging economic and infrastructural news have once again made blue the foggy atmosphere of the country’s sky. because in the opinion of the Afghan people, the only solution for the current situation, is economic development and creation suitable employment opportunities to young generation.
Certainly, if the county traverses the course of progress and growth, naturally the economy of families improves and opportunity would no longer be available to felon groups to make instrumental use of our young generation and lead the country to quagmire of devastation.
During his meeting on Saturday, Dec 9 with Turkmenistan MoF Rashid Muradow, president of the I.R.A Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, not only called TAPI as a gas pipeline but beside that talked an extension of power and optic fiber line too.
Expressing gratitude on efforts of Turkmenistan for escalation of big projects and regional stability, the Afghan president emphasized that the Afghan people are happy for good relations and bilateral cooperations with Turkmenistan.
In this meeting, the president instructed relevant officials to make serious and practical cooperation with different committees established already for acceleration of practical work of TAPI projects.
According to officials of the ministry of mines, the construction of Turkmenistan gas pipeline is expected to be started in three months within TAPI project in Afghanistan. According to these officials, the implementation course of Turkmenistan pipeline in Afghanistan has been fixed and the Afghan government has every necessary preparation for implementation of this project. Beside 1814 km long TAPI, project that would transfer gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, a power and optic fiber cable would also be extended which enjoy, good value and importance to regional countries and implementation of the their vital project could improve regional security, stability, convergence and co-existence among relevant countries.  
Based on these reason, we can say that these days are historical, decisive and encouraging days for Afghanistan. On Monday contracts CASA- 1000 power extension line and construction of Arghandi 500- kv substation were signed. On Sunday, the president officially opened construction of first and second section of Qaisar-Lama road and beside that, last week the first phase of Chabahar port development signed tens socio, economic, cultural, security and transit agreements and cooperation accords.
Practical construction of TAPI pipeline regional project and a railway is supposed to be started soon. With completion of these projects particularly the Qaisar-Laman national project, beside connecting of northern provinces to southern, Afghanistan old dreams, construction of ring road and regional connectivity will be materialized too. With exploitation of Chabahar port, Afghanistan would have direct access to sea.
Beside these, other projects are also expected to be undertaken and hope contract partners would offer sincere cooperation for their implementation and employment opportunities would be available to young generation of regional countries and Afghanistan would fortunately regain its position as connection point of regional countries.