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Situation of vendors in Kabul city

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Situation of vendors in Kabul city
A number of workers and vendors along the city roads in a conversation with the Kabul Times reporter expressed concern over poor condition of work in Kabul city and saying the situation has become worse than a few years ago and there is not much enjoyment in the work.
Parviz, a Bolani seller, along with Kabul’s Deh Mazang road, says: “The job situation is not so good these days. I had a great boom in the past when I was started this work. 
He lives in a rental house with his family and does not have enough education, but he has to live with such a situation.
Meanwhile, Ahmed Fawad, who sells fruit juice along the road, worries about the state of work says: that work is sometimes good and it does belong to the people and the security situation in the country.
There are many unemployed people who do not have the money, they are not rich and cannot afford to buy. In this respect, a number of people cannot make changes in their lives, Fawad stated.
Seyar, a roadside dried fruit seller in the connection said that the unemployment and poverty level is day by day increasing and compare to the past there is no special enjoyment in this business.
He said about the sale of dried fruits, in particular the black cashew price increasing, cause that our people today, instead of buying black cashew, they are buying other nuts like sunflower seeds and Pakistani cashew at a cheaper prices.
Increase in the price of black cashew in the Kabul markets is due to its export to abroad, currently, the price of per kilo of black cashew is about 2,000 Afghani, and according to the seller, today the cashew products from Afghanistan are mostly exported to China, Seyar went on to say.
At the same time, it is said that in the whole world there are special places for the people to have mobile shops to sell their goods, but in Afghanistan, our vendors are facing a variety of problems every day.
Although, the Kabul Municipality determines the location for a number of vendors, but according to vendors the area is not much enough for them. So, the Kabul municipality is obliged to search suitable place for vendors till they can continue to live safely.
But, the experts believes that, if the government can build a factory, unemployment is eliminated, because most of hand sellers are unemployed and have no jobs, they will have to sell, which will cause to block the roadside of the city.
They continue to emphasize that the implementation of infrastructure projects will eliminate unemployment and make working conditions more attractive to the people.
Based on recent statement of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Martyrs & Disabled, with consumption of its development budget it can create 300 to 400 thousand jobs each year. The World Bank has previously announced that currently there are nearly two million people unemployed, while there is the youngest workforce in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, the working conditions are not as satisfying as they deserve.