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Construction of dams, electricity generation to improve people’s life

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Construction of dams, electricity generation to improve people’s life
 If we profoundly discuss water management in the last century, we obtain that the plenty waters of our country and its fertile land have been discussed in all meetings inside and outside on construction of dams and despite of current chaotic situation and insecurities in  the past, the problem of water and no sufficient management in this field have been at the top agenda and activities of the past governments and it had been said that huge quantities of water of our roaring rivers exit from the country and pour into the neighboring countries.
In the last few years, the governance officials in Afghanistan paid slight attention to construction of dams either for irrigation or for energy generation and thus let these waters to flow free of charge to our eastern and western neighbors. But fortunately in recent decade, effective activities have taken place in this direction and big steps were taken for dam construction including construction of Salma hydropower plant in Herat, inauguration of third phase of Kamalkhan power dam in Nimroz, project of construction of dam in Farah, Parwan, signing of construction of Machelghoo dam in Paktya.
Opening of third phase of Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz on Helmand river is one of the extremely important and constructive achievements of the Afghan government for which our people awaiting long times and was started by president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and his entourage senior delegation. In his opening address calling construction of the 3rd phase as a ray of hope for the people of Nimroz the president said that the purpose of Kamal Khan dam is rehabilitation of ancient Sistan that would change this point to a civilization center once again.
The president added that Kamal Khan dam is the means of reputation of Afghanistan and with waters’ management, the Afghan waters would no longer be wasted. Water is our capital. 
The government has firm determination on implementation of economic and infrastructural projects. Kamal Khan dam is a means of change and rehabilitation and without completion of this project, Nimroz will not be changed. This project would cause the people socio-economic welfare.
According to the MoEW, this project would irrigate over 80000 hector land, provides employment opportunities and reduces poverty. This phase would be completed in four years and the people problem on shortage of potable and irrigation would be removed. The level of agriculture products would be considerably promoted and once again like before, the Nimroz province would be changed to a bread basket.
Machelghoo dam located in Ahmad Abad district, Paktya province with a height of 47 meters and according to MoEW, the construction of this dam was stopped in 1393 due to disagreement between contracting companies and now its construction was signed with Project Design Agency with a cost of US $22m and would be completed in three years and would irrigate over 2300 hectar land and generate 404 kv energy.
MoEW added, since the outset of 1396, the Afghan government has invested US$ 200m for construction of hydropower plants including this project.