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Tellers, traders ask govt. to provide safety, security

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Tellers, traders ask govt. to provide safety, security
 The Tellers’ Union has recently staged a demonstration and work strike, asked the government to prevent their kidnaping, murder and plundering of their properties otherwise any teller who is killed or kidnaped by armed criminals, they would continue their demonstrations and strikes.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on recent demonstrations, deputy head of Tellers’ Union, Haji Dadgul said, economic front is not less important than military front. If military officials fight sworn enemies of this land with a weapon, similarly those who are involved in economic front are fighting to provide jobs and occupation, food, to countrymen and implement the government plans for progress and development of the country.
According to him, at current circumstances, traders and tellers are an extraordinary vulnerable strata because they are always targeted and threatened by criminals including kidnapers, armed robbers and murderers. These criminals try to destroy our economy, force the businessmen to escape and prevent our development and progress.
He added, we tellers operate and work under a single umbrella and as a united body. Any damage inflicted on  businessmen in Kabul, Herat, Mazar-i- Sharif, etcwe will react in solidarity and unitedly.
The Tellers’ Union was set up one and half month ago and has managed to organize all tellers, under a single body led by the head deputy head, and leading body and according to prevailing laws defends the interests of tellers’ families and react together with government against every damage to tellers alongside with ANSF as so far 3 people were killed, 4 wounded and property of 7 people were plundered and their families were strongly disturbed. Son of a teller was kidnapped and has not been freed yet. NDS has arrested the kidnaper but he has not acknowledged the crime. Whenever we tell them to exert peruse on them,security authorities say that they are not allowed to pressure them due to humanitarian reasones. But whether our son is not human being? He added that some security and judicial bodies, support criminals.
Touching killing of a teller in Nangarhar province, he said, last week in day light, a group of armed robbers entered a shop and shot dead a cashier and tried to plunder his assets and managed to escape.
The Tellers Union issued a statement through social media and in a single gesture all exchange markets across Afghanistan were closed simultaneously in 34 provinces and as a result our tellers and traders sustained multi-million damages. But despite of lack of nationwide security in our country, we tellers and businessmen don’t fear of threats, would stay beside our people and government, don’t escape our capitals. The people enemies would be tantalized to attain this sinister goal.
At the same time, one of the challenges the tellers and traders are facing with is bearing of illegal weapons by irresponsible  armedmen. The government should tackle this urgent issue and collect them. Otherwise the government would be guilty. 
Existence of these armed groups in different parts of the city is a big threat to Kabul people. 
In Shahzadah Currency Exchange market in Kabul every day hundreds cashiers are involved in transaction of multi-million dollars and without their involvement economic activities would be stagnated.