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26m Afs to be earned annually from Herat’s salt mine

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26m Afs to be earned annually from Herat’s salt mine
 Recently, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan has signed a contract with Naser Omid Company for extraction of salt in Ghorian district of Herat province.
By extraction of this mine, annually, 26 million Afghani would be poured in national budget.
According to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, the company will pay about 1,065 Afghani reality per ton to the government.
While in 2005 the contract for the extraction of salt in the Ghorian district of Herat 2005 was given to another company for 10 years, while the government received an annual income of 3.1 million Afghani from the mine.
But it is worth mentioning, that Nasir Omid Company has committed to invest $ 400,000 in the mine. According to this contract, the company would invest 70,000 US dollar in local community services, $ 30,000 for protecting and improvement of environment and as will as spend $ 25,000 to build a clinic.
The representative of the company, during signing the contract with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has emphasized that with the beginning of the extraction of this mine, about 2000 employment would be provided for the local residents. 
Nargis Nehan, Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum in this regard said that including the Logar Aynak Copper Mine, 14 other major projects contracts have been signed, but she said the contracts have technical, professional and legal problems.
Nehan told media that a specialized group is working on these projects to present the report to the High Economic Council.
Whenever the problems are resolved, the practical work will begin, and if these problems are not resolved, contracts may be nullified, Nehan stated.
Meanwhile, Saifuddin Saihon, an economic expert told The Kabul Times correspondent in the connection that if the winner companies to act transparently and create employment for the people and sympathically work and invest in Afghanistan’s mines, this will not only make Afghanistan more efficient, but after signing of the contract our people can use domestic items.
Now, it is expected that the government would  sign the contract of salt mines with companies that bring much benefit to Afghanistan. The extraction and proper use of mines, which are national capital, can bring Afghanistan into self-sufficiency, Saihon went on to say.
Later, Ustad Massoud, a Kabul University lecturer said that signing of such contracts is in the interest of the people of Afghanistan in the field of mine. Currently, we have a lot of problems in mines sector of Afghanistan, because the companies that want to invest or already had invested in mines in Afghanistan are not committed to their pledges, and nothing has been done on mines sector in Afghanistan so far, Massoud asserted.
He suggested to the government that it should prepare a healthy and regular conditions for the companies that are already involved in the mining process, so to continue to their work in accordance with the bills and work programs of the government in order to prepare the ground for the growth of economy in the country.