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Women & their visible business activities

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Women & their visible business activities
 Considering society’s requirements, Afghan women are trying to organize countless activities in different fields such as economy, culture, social etc. through which they can fight difficulties and help improve their family and homeland’s economy. 
Sona Mohammadi, head of tomato company who has graduated from law and political sciences faculty and has recently started business told The Kabul Times that her company mostly export dried fruits and saffron to south Asian countries such as Bhutan, Sri-Lanka and India.  
USAID is the only entity that cooperates with us in our business, she further said. 
The government has not so far cooperated with us at all, she said, adding but the women chamber of commerce has always been with us and helped us in various sections.
There are eight people working in our company, 4 male and 4 female, she added.
Likewise, we have seasonal employees who would be with us in saffron collection season and their number reaches to 800, she went on to say. 
We mostly hire women, because we want to help them reach financial independency, she continued. 
We ask the government to help us prevent illegal exports of dried fruits and instead make the farmers to dry the fruits in a standard manner so the traders can easily collect them and export them to abroad, she said. 
One of our problems and challenges is that we can’t fulfill our customers’ demands and we also don’t have such a budget to complete all the demands, she said, adding we could not still receive a government or non-government loan. 
We also ask the government to prioritize our security, she stated. 
In fact, large number of businesswomen are now busy in economic activities in different parts of the country and their number is increasing by each passing day.
This is while that the Afghan businesswomen can play active role in economy of their households and try not to be a burden to men. Unfortunately, due to wrong traditions, most of girls are not allowed to work when they graduate from high school. Anyway, it is hoped one day, these problems are solved and women can comfortably work alongside men.