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Plans on hand to develop Hamid Karzai Int’l Airport, official

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Plans on hand to develop Hamid Karzai Int’l Airport, official
 Recently, the government of Afghanistan has arranged a new plan to expand airport area and construction work of five star hotel in Hamid Karzai International Airport.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, policy and plan deputy of Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA), Dr. Qasim Wafayeezada said currently, the more the traffic level increases in Hamid Karzai International Airport, the more demand for expansion of airport area rises. 
He clarified that his authority has executed some plans from its budget which were including expansion of A,B&C parking areas, in which first phase of it, is about to be completed.
The parking areas have the capacity of 1000 vehicles in a time, he further said. 
According to ACAA, the departure area of Hamid Karzai International Airport has been expanded this year, he went on to say. 
Due to demand rate for better services, a security center worth $40mln was expected to be executed in the airport, but unfortunately, due to security threats and other problems, they have been stopped, he continued.
He pointed out that one of the authority’s plans which is expected to be established is a cargo area. 
ACAA is making effort to fulfill the demands of Kabul residents, he added. 
ACAA is trying to be out of European Union blacklist, he said.
Most of people were thinking that Afghanistan space to be changed into an empty space, but fortunately, we had 72 to 75000 passing flights last year, as the number has reached to 85000 this year—a move which has increased our revenues as well, he added. 
Hamid Karzai International Airport radar systems have been certified and they are operational in 34 provinces of the country, he stated. 
These are the ACAA achievements and currently the authority is in standard level, he added.  On prevention of administrative corruption, he said we would never deny that our authority has been void of corruption, but we have done much to prevent it. We have tried not to exchange physical money, but to do our transactions through advanced systems, he added. 
Considering continued reforms, he hoped corruption to be completely uprooted within the authority.