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House to discuss national budget on Wednesday

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House to discuss national budget on Wednesday
 Talking on the approval or rejection of national budget on Wednesday, the house speaker said that special commissions of finance and budged held joint meetings from Saturday to Tuesday on budget and the house general meeting would decide on it on Wednesday.
Complaining on non-approval of national budget by the house, a number of government and private sector employees said that this issue has created serious challenges ahead of development projects.
Yelda a government employee said, no doubt non-approval of budget by the lawmakers causes delay of payments of employees’ salaries on due time and challenges families’ economy because their regular low monthly salaries is their only source of income.
She asked the lawmakers to confirm and approve the budget as quick as possible and prevent delay in payments of government employees.
Khesraw an employee of the Ministry of Education said, the government employees work against lowest payment and waiting the end of month to collect their payments and support their families and non-approval of budget directly affect them.
“Today is Jan 16, but no government employee has collected his/her salary yet. It is very difficult for an ordinary employee to support his family with this slight income for one month let alone delay of their regular payments” he concluded.
The draft national budget of 1397 (2018) was presented to the house one month prior to the end of 1396 fiscal year which caused strong criticism of most lawmakers and after discussion in the house, it was rejected.
Although according to the constitution, until the approval of new national budget, the salaries of government employees would be paid based on the previous budget but private companies and contractors have been facing with many problems and the MoF has told them before the approval of new year’s budget, it cannot pay funds for under-construction and concluded projects.
Reports say that due to non-approval of fiscal year 1397 budget, even work of some developing projects have been suspended. One of the project operators who own a poultry and construction materials projects, said that his projects have been stopped due to lack of money and workers and employees request their payments. The house speaker said until the lawmakers are not convinced the  current problems and shortages in new budget is not removed, this national document would not be approved.
Last year, the lawmakers had also rejected the draft budget several times but finally, it was approved with majority of votes.