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Infrastructural projects effective for economic development

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Infrastructural projects effective for economic development
 Infrastructural projects usually form economic growth, cause expansion of relations among countries and pave the ground for economic and development activities.
How much attention has been invited to these projects, if investment takes place on these project, what would be their economic importance and effectiveness? The Kabul Times reporter has made the following interviews with a number of government officials, experts and lawmakers on these issues.
Economist and university lecturer Taj Mohammad Akbar said, a lot of investment opportunities are available in Afghanistan and unfortunately most infrastructures were destroyed or damaged during the civil wars. Despite of generous assistance in recent years, no attention was invited in this sector and no effective investment took places.
He added, these projects make main pivot of national economy and their careful implementation make us self-sufficient and reduce our need to global aids. At the same time the officials of the MoF said that concentration to these projects is basic priority of the government because establishment of these projects causes development of other sectors and create investment opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. In theirbelieves, construction of regional railways has caused expansion of trade-transit relations of Afghanistan at regional level, for example Chabahar port, Aqinah and Lapis projects.Azarakhsh Hafezi Chairman of International Relations of ACCI said, economy of every country is based on three pivots, first national economy, second, regional economy and third, global economy and Afghanistan economy cannot be an exception from this rule.
He added, fortunately due to its sensitive geo-economic situation, Afghanistan plays historical role in connection of regional countries. TAPI is one of the key regional projects while CASA-1000 is the second biggest regional economic project that would create large economic advantages to Afghanistan but despite of great global aids, unfortunately expected attention has not been invited to these projects. The government should prepare a comprehensive plan for both private and public sectors, because lack of a precise economic plan, lack of good governance in the last years causes focusing no essential attention to these projects.
Lawmaker Hashimi said, infrastructural projects are basic need of the Afghan people and keep Afghanistan relations balanced with regional countries and play outstanding role in expansion of Afghanistan ties with the world. But unfortunately in the last years no effective investment has taken place in this branch and our natural resources like mines, waters have not been properly exploited.