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DABS signs five contracts worth Afs 251m

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DABS signs five contracts worth Afs 251m
 Addressing a press conference here in Kabul, chief of Breshna Co Eng Amanullah Ghalib said, these five contracts were signed with local companies and include procurement of transformers, switches, miscellaneous equipments of electricity construction, supply and procurement of 10 pieces of raw materials for production of 4900 iron concrete pylons with different sizes and project for equipments of 10 pieces security materials needed by Breshna Co that would be supplied in two months by contracting companies and their expenditures will be paid from the budget of Breshna Co.
He went on to say, about 860 projects across the country have not been completed due to lack of essential materials including pylons and transformers since many years and with procurement of these materials, they will be completed.
He added, with supply and purchase of security equipments for Kabul Breshna, power wastage would be reduced and reliable and sustainable electricity would be available in Kabul. Nangarhar, Balkh, Kabul and Herat provinces are at the top of Breshna Co. programs that in their networks reforms will be introduced to prevent wastages.One of the reasons, he said, of short circuits in capital, Kabul is load shedding in transformers and shortage of equipments in power supply stations which lack capacity to transmit power simultaneously to all customers.
He pointed out that out of Afs 10.6 billion dues of Breshna on the customers, in the last six months, Breshna Co has received Afs 1.4b from people and Afs 1.13b from government departments and holy places.
Breshna Co has recently taken serious counter-corruption steps to prevent corruption during meters reading by officials of this company. A digital system is expected to be setup that would prevent the past mistakes during meters’ reading and miscalculations.
Wahidullah one of the residents of Khair Khana said despite of continued short circuits, the power expenses are still high. If digital meters are installed, it would be in public interests and we appreciate this step of Breshna company.
Mohammad Murid one of the teachers said, supply of new power equipment is very effective because current meters are broken and old. But counter-corruption steps must not be restricted to distribution of new meters.
He asked Breshna Co, to create facilities for replacement of old meters with new ones for the people. Some people believe that majority of ordinary customers don’t afford purchasing of new meters and Breshna should give new meters free of charge to people and replace the old ones. For the first time, the Breshna Co has been rescued from financial problems and its revenues have reached to Afs 100 million that would be invested in development of Afghanistan electricity network.