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TAPI project to be inaugurated within one month

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TAPI project to be inaugurated within one month
 After one month Herat province will be the witness of the opening of TAPI project by Afghanistan president and high-ranking officials from Turkmenistan, India and Pakistan.
At the same time, economic experts called opening of these projects in the interest of the Afghan people, and emphasized on practical implementation of these projects by private companies and the government.
Ustad Massoud, an expert in economic affairs, in an interview with The Kabul Times called implementation of such projects is vital in the people’s life, and added that if security is fully maintained throughout the country, we will be the witnesses of the opening of many infrastructural projects in Afghanistan that will have a positive economic impact on economic growth of the country, especially in the people’s life.
Massoud called maintaining of security is important for implementing of TAPI and other projects, and said that the government should focus more on the projects’ security, so that in the future there would be no threat to their implementation.
Azarakhsh Hafezi, another economic expert while welcoming opening of TAPI project said that such projects can bring changes in the level of our people’s life. 
According to him, the people of Herat also want the project to be inaugurated soon and take practical step and used in its better way.
TAPI is one of the major economic projects, and undoubtedly by utilizing this project many facilities would be provided for the people and also emphasized that the completion of the project requires a regional determination among countries such as Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, India and Pakistan, Hafezi stated.
Meanwhile, Herat governor spokesman, Jailani Farhad talking about local authorities’ preparations for launching the project said that all preparations were being completed comprehensively, and work is going on most equipped saloons with the very promising facilities and at the same time, the areas where the ceremony is going to be held are under tight security and the face of Herat city would be changed.”
It is said that one year after the launching of TAPI project, the people of Herat will benefit from the project’s gas in the province. Currently, the project work has been completed inside Turkmenistan.
The TAPI pipeline transfers Turkmenistan gas through Afghanistan territory to Pakistan and then to India.
Afghan officials say that by completion of this project Afghanistan annually will make $400 to 500 million dollar revenues and about to 10,000 people will be employed in Afghanistan.
Simultaneously with the opening of the TAPI project, the optical fiber and railway projects of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan would also be opened in Herat.
However, the security officials have taken in hand security plans in northern districts of Herat province. And the districts that are located in itinerary of TAPI projects are going to be cleared completely of armed government opposition.