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Afghanistan’s exports jump by 20 pc this year, MoCI

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Afghanistan’s exports jump by 20 pc this year, MoCI
 Afghan ministry of commerce and industries (MoCI) said there was a 20 percent increase in the country’s exports this year. 
The spokesperson to the ministry of commerce and industries Quqandi told The Kabul Times the exports have been including dried fruits and Afghani carpet. 
Fortunately, almost 700,000 square meters of Afghani carpet has been exported to world markets this year—a move would further encourage the industrialists to resort the industry like before, he further said. 
The ministry’s officials said efforts were underway to improve carpet industry in the country.
On exporting Afghani carpet to abroad with the mark of Pakistan, he said, over two million Afghan refugees in Pakistan are busy weaving carpets, adding all countries of the world know that Afghani carpet is familiar worldwide. 
To further grow carpet industry in Afghanistan, 9000 jeribs of lands have been transferred to the ministry of commerce which would be divided into different parts, such as construction of hospital, educational centers, market etc. in a bid to fulfil all industrialist families’ requirements, he added. 
Pointing to a draft policy which would be sent to economic council for confirmation, he said the draft had different parts within which all privileges in carpet industry development have been considered.  
Based on the policy, industrial and PPP parks would be built in some parts of the country, one of which is about to be designed by a private sector and would be built in Kabul, he went on to say. 
He also welcomed the first Indian wheat shipment to Afghanistan which was done through Chabahar Port. 
He said Afghan exports all tax-exempted and no one has the right to illegally export anything to abroad and if anyone found to have done so, the ministry of commerce and industries would legally treat them. 
A carpet weaver, Hafizullah said, “There is no doubt that Afghanistan’s carpet is unique worldwide, but unfortunately, the carpets being weaved by a number of our countrymen in Pakistan are being exported to abroad with the country’s marks.”
He asked the government to support the carpet industrialists so they can prove to the world that Afghani carpet is really the best.