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Attention to agricultural sector important for Afghanistan’s self sufficiency

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Attention to agricultural sector important for Afghanistan’s self sufficiency
 Agriculture has been considered as one of the major and basic economic sector in Afghanistan which enjoys valuable role in daily life of our people. Based on assessments, since their creation, mankind have been using fruits, grains, animals and their products etc that all of them belong to agriculture sector.
Taking into account the gradual increase of population and domination of traditional agricultural system and low level of agricultural productivity, the people immigration from rural areas to urban localities which enjoyed better livelihood resources, increased and caused a big problem in our country. It should be said that agriculture is the basic source of livelihood in rural areas and rural population use extensively agricultural and animal products and forests. These often provide raw materials of industrial sources, and play constructive role in creation of employment opportunities to people particularly industrialists. Development and modernization of agriculture is very vital to our society.
Attention to mechanization of agricultural structures with modern equipments and resources including new agriculture technology, active propagating system play coordinating bodies and agricultural programs at national level could accelerate growth and development of agriculture and paves the ground of employment for unemployed but eligible rural population in one hand and support of agriculture sector in current circumstance of our country causes self-sufficiency of both rural and urban population from the perspective of agricultural products and improves our economic foundations on the other, because all our economic infrastructures and resources were destroyed or strongly disturbed during over three decades of imposed wars and devastating conflicts. So as the best option of economic growth and removal of economic problems, development of agriculture could be the most effective source in the life of our people at current conditions.
While agricultural development is considered as an urgent need, it is beyond the capability of rurals and even individual agricultural professionals and requires comprehensive measures.
Based on experiences and conception of agronomists, as the biggest source of economic development, our country should use financial sources, available human resources, cultivation of agricultural fields and exploit modern technology and thus increase level of agricultural products and encourage farmers.
The government should supply and distribute improved seeds to farmers, technical equipments, fertilizers and irrigation facilities. All these steps would lead our country towards self-sufficiency.