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Holding exhibitions to help improve women’s handicrafts

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Holding exhibitions to help improve women’s handicrafts
 The first Bazaar Roz (Day Market) exhibition was held in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and the Women’s Business Chamber in Ferdowsi Park of Kabul for three days. The authorities have called holding of such exhibitions provide opportunity to market for women’s manufacturing and handicrafts industry.
The in charge officials of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter on the goals of the women’s handicraft day market fair said that holding this exhibition is to find a market for women’s handicrafts, and these exhibitions have achieved good results so far.
The exhibition includes women’s handicrafts in 55 booths, in which 60 companies have been exhibited their products such as dressing, ornaments, medicinal plants, herbal foods, various kinds of shawls, boots, and hand bags. It is hoped that exhibitions will be an excellent venue for the marketing of women’s handicrafts.
According to officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, this is the first market that has been held for women for the past three to four years, through these exhibitions they will find a permanent customer and also a number of new ideas for improving their products.
Meanwhile, such exhibitions are also held in Mazar-i-Sharif, India and China. And from all provinces of the country women artisan are introduced to exhibitions.
Fazilah Azizi, one of the officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and responsible for the women’s affairs working group called holding of day market exhibition effective for the women, she added that the Ministry of Commerce and Industries has always tried to support this stratum, because the development of women’s businesses and supporting this large segment and their active and grateful contribution can be effective in the country’s economy. Therefore, there are many plans in hand for women empowerment. 
The idea of the day market for handicrafts was one of the programs of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, which has been presented to women three years ago that how women can find market for their products, Fazilah stated.
Due to domestic demand, we offered the day market for the women, which fortunately had a positive impact for them, and the women are making effort to make their products standardized, Fazilah continued.
At the exhibition, women entrepreneurs from Herat, Mazar-e Sharif, Nangarhar and Parwan have participated in the exhibition, and the Ministry of Commerce has provided mobile booths for them to display their products, Fazilah concluded.
Bibi Shirin Akbari, one of the women who has exhibited her handicrafts such as embellishing and embroidered clothes at the day market said in the connection that it is very necessary to hold exhibitions for the sale of our goods, through these exhibitions, we find the market and the customer for our industries, and this exhibition, which is for three days during this time, we can have good sales.
Mrs. Akbari is optimistic that the growth of handicrafts and the government cooperation in the area of marketing for them in international markets will provide women’s economic growth and economic self-sufficiency.
She called on the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and Women’s Business Chamber to launch such exhibitions for women’s handicrafts both inside and outside the country in the future to further encourage women to produce their handicrafts in its better form.