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‘Economic terrorism’ footprint in Intercontinental Hotel Attack

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‘Economic terrorism’ footprint in Intercontinental Hotel Attack
 Officials in chamber of commerce and industries as well as hotel owners’ union have said that attack on economic centers, airways’ companies and killing of investors, etc. would cause capital escape from the country.  
They are stressing that no foreigner would invest in Afghanistan any longer.
Expressing concern over security threats against investors, the spokesperson to the chamber of commerce and industries Sayamuddin Pesarly said Intercontinental Hotel has sustained millions of dollars of damages due to recent terrorist attack.
He said, “We were always used to encourage investors on calling Intercontinental Hotel and a number of other hotels as the safest hotels to stay in the country, but unfortunately, the recent terror attack would cause the foreigners don’t dare to invest in Afghanistan anymore.” 
A member hotel owners’ union, Wahidullah Shefajo told media that attack on Intercontinental Hotel, where has been recognized one of the safest hotels in Kabul has sparked concerns that can affect investment process in the country.
Attack on Intercontinental Hotel has not only caused millions of dollars of damages, but it has also caused many companies such as Kam Air to be affected and tens of technical staff (including foreign citizens) lose their lives. 
Such incidents have proven to Afghans and foreigners that Afghanistan is not a good place to invest and live.
This is what the foreign governments and intelligence agencies have been looking for. These governments and organs design such attacks and with providing facilities, order their subordinates when and where to carry out the attacks.
In fact, this is not the first time an economic center has been targeted, but also in the past, such places had been targeted which caused heavy loses to them and negatively affected the country’s situation.
The economic terrorism aims to weaken the governments through destruction of economic infrastructures, affect investors and pave the ground for collapsing the systems.
Unfortunately, Afghanistan has been facing economic terrorism since long.
Therefore, the government should prevent economic terrorism. It should assure the foreign and domestic investors that they won’t be targeted and their investments won’t go in vain in Afghanistan.