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Kabul deadly ambulance attack causes huge financial losses

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Kabul deadly ambulance attack causes huge financial losses
 A number of shopkeepers by recalling of Saturday’s deadly suicide attack in Sadarat square told The Kabul Times correspondent that besides causing heavy casualties, the attack also inflicted huge financial losses on shopkeepers as most of shops were completely destroyed in the area.
Abdullah, one of owners of a private printing press in the respective area, said he had invested a lot of money on his private printing press, but unfortunately it was fully destroyed in Saturday’s deadly ambulance attack.
“Now I cannot afford to renovate and rebuild my shop and repurchase machineries needed for the printing press,” Abdullah added.
It is said that most of shops, private companies, printing presses, telecommunication network companies and Jamhoriat hospital, located in vicinity of Sadarat square, were completely or partially destroyed due to the deadly suicide attack.
The attack destroyed walls, doors and windowpanes of most of shops and nearby government and non-government institutions. The flying window glasses and doors also left some people injured.
Shopkeepers in the area asked the government to maintain security and protect the life and property of the people as they could not do their business in such kind of situation.
Related to suicide attack and financial and human losses caused by such attacks in the country, an Afghan economic expert Sayed Javid Andish said, “In Saturday’s deadly suicide attack in Kabul city, dozens of shops were destroyed and most of the people of Kabul suffered huge human and financial losses that cannot be compensated for months.”
He added that enemies of the people and government of Afghanistan wanted to root out the country’s economic development as most of the attacks occurred in areas where Afghans and traders had invested on shops and companies.
He asked for addressing problems of shopkeepers whose shops were fully destroyed in the attack, adding that national unity government should fully support the country’s private sector in such kind situation.
Based on reports, an ambulance packed with explosives blew up in a crowded area of Kabul Saturday, killing at least 102 people and wounded 198 others. The attack occurred a week after the deadly siege on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul.