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Two Afghan women working in a Kabul restaurant

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Two Afghan women working  in a Kabul restaurant
 Recently, a number of women are not only the owners of some restaurants, but they also practically working as servants in them.
Rabia is a women who works in Diplomat Restaurant and is satisfied with her job.
In an interview with The Kabul Times, she said, Diplomat Restaurant was a restaurant where has been invested by Turkey people and is about to be inaugurated in near future. 
The restaurant has two branches in Shahr-e-Now, one is for women and another one for men, she further said. 
She said in compare with the past, the women could now take part in the society and economically help their households. 
She believes we are living in a traditional society, where most of men don’t allow their wives to work outside. But I am happy from my family, she said, adding my family has always supported me to work outside. 
Rabia is the only bread-winner of her family. She said, “Besides working here, I also study in an educational institute.”
She asked the families to let their girls and women work outside and get educated, because they need to be educated like men and compete their requirements by working in the society. 
Comparing last years, she said employment rate for women has been increased, an opportunity that should not be wasted.
Currently, a number of restaurants in Kabul are being run by women, where the women cook delicious meals to their customers. 
Ms. Torpikay is another women who works in Spin Zar Restaurant eight hours each day. She works besides men and has never felt herself uncomfortable. 
She said I have never been teased by men around me and has been working in the restaurant for fifteen years.
There is no doubt that Afghan women have suffered much over the last years. Therefore, it is hoped they are allowed to work outside and support financially their families.