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Afghanistan to open air corridors with five other countries

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Afghanistan to open air corridors with five other countries
 Afghanistan is expected to open an air corridor with five other countries to boost country’s export.
Khan Jan Alokozay, the Deputy Chairman of Chamber of Commerce has announced about establishment of an air corridor between Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, adding that Afghanistan will be connected to five countries.
The aim was to increase exports level of Afghan products and implementation of the new plan is expected to cost more than $5 million, Alokozay stated.
He said that work on the projects are underway, adding the new air corridors would be inaugurated during next fruit season in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, head of Fresh and Dried Fruits Exports Development, Sayed Azeem Mustafa Hashemi, said that new air corridors have opened new markets for fruits of the country.
Afghanistan opened air corridors with India’s New Delhi and Mumbai cities this year have increased Afghanistan’s exports by 44 percent and more than 20 thousand tons of fresh fruits have been transported so far from Afghanistan to India through air corridors, Hashemi asserted.
According to official statistics, Afghanistan has exported goods worth more than $600 million to different countries during the past nine months, Hashemi concluded.
At the same time, Azaraksh Hafezi, an economic expert in the connection told The Kabul Times that creating these corridors effective for Afghanistan, saying that Afghanistan is working hard to find ways to grow its trade and goods, and these five countries that is supposed to create air corridors with Afghanistan can be a positive aspect for our country and for the outside countries.
Currently, the regional countries are interested in trading with Afghanistan, this country is trying to find export routes for traders in the country, and this is one of the examples of the government support from traders. And in the future the government would also try to work more in this direction, Hafezi stated.
Ahmad Jailan, an Afghan businessman, said about the creation of an air corridor between Afghanistan and the regional countries that creating of different corridor for Afghanistan’s exports and trade is very effective and as well for encouraging of traders.
In the past, Torkham route was the only way for the export and import of Afghan trader’s goods, but over time, the problems that this way brought to our traders, the government by considering the issue, tried to search for alternative export of merchants’ goods and creating of air corridor with India and five other countries would be good alternative to advance Afghanistan’s trade, Jailan declared.  While, the Afghan government has made progress in exporting and establishing relations with the regional countries, the Afghan people are hopeful that there will be other good progress in the field of economic growth in the future.