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TAPI project major opportunity to improve regional stability

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TAPI project major opportunity to improve regional stability
 TAPI is a gas transmission pipeline project started from Turkmenistan and passes through Afghanistan and Pakistan and then reaches India which can pave the way for economic and stability opportunities for the regional countries.
Based on country’s news agencies report, within two weeks, the first phase of operation of the TAPI project will be started in Herat province, and with the implementation of this project our country would companion with the great interests of the world, and Afghanistan will be the first country to use the gas of this project. 
The practical work of this project begins while Afghanistan is struggling with major economic and security challenges. The government sees the start of this project as an important step in improving the economic situation of Afghanistan and its member countries.
According to a number of economic affairs experts, the implementation of the TAPI project is an important step towards Afghanistan economic self-reliance and the reduction of financial dependency on other countries.
If the trade and economic relations between the various countries of the region expand and the idea of connecting the South Asian region to Central Asia through Afghanistan to be realized, it is likely that the countries of the region will abandon the intelligence and security approaches and arrange their relations on the basis of the economic mutual interests.
TAPI project’s inauguration has been Afghanistan’s economic dream, but they stressed that such economic projects would help stabilize the region, and its implementation needs serious security and regional cooperation.
The TAPI project will have a special economic importance for Afghanistan, and this country will get two billion cubic tons of gas annually as well as Afghanistan can play role of a trade and transit bridge among the Central and South Asian countries, but still the project is facing with security threats that needs further attention.
Therefore, the government must strive to revive its economic position in the region, we want prove to other countries that this country is the shortest and fairest trade and transit route in the region to connects the Heart of Asian with another one.
However, practical implementation of gas pipeline project would cause to create huge amounts of incomes to the regional countries, but presence of extremist groups and war on terror can be major obstacles before reaching to this goal, so serious efforts should be taken in hand to maintain security of this project.
Similarly, the implementation of the TAPI project can be an opportunity to improve security in the region, because those countries that support insurgent groups, by changing political approaches in Afghanistan they will prefer economic improvement.
In addition, the most important of all, this economic project will be to consolidate and expand the four-state political relations, and will change the negative political competitions into a regional economic partnership. While, TAPI is one of the largest economic projects in the region that four countries have contribution, the people of Afghanistan hope that finalizing of this project to provide better opportunities for them.