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Chabahar Port; the easiest route for Afghan traders

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Chabahar Port; the easiest route for Afghan traders
 The Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan (MoCI), by attention to the interest of Iran and India in the Chabahar port, says that the port has an important role in the convergence of the regional countries.
Chabahar Port connects Iran and India through Afghanistan to Central Asia, which has a positive impact on the overall situation of the country and the region, MoCI stated.
Musafer Qoqandi, MoCI spokesman, told the media that the Chabahar Port, along with other benefits, would connect Afghanistan to global waters.
“The interest of the powerful states in the region in using the Chabahar has created great hopes,” Qoqandi added.
“No doubt, the Chabahar port is the closest and easiest way to connect Afghanistan to global waters, and this port can connect regional countries as well India through Afghanistan to Central Asia,” he continued.
While, the control agreement of a section  of Chabahar was signed between the Prime Minister  of  India,  Narendra Modi and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani the other day.
The leaders of both countries has also emphasized that along economic stability of two nations, they would also jointly make effort on war on terror.
Afghanistan, India and Iran on May 2016 had signed the cooperation agreement of using Chabahar Port.
Chabahar is one of the ports that the Afghan traders in short time and with less cost can make their imports and exports to India.
Meanwhile, a number of economic experts in the connection said that by activation of all sections of Chabahar port Afghanistan would get rescue from Pakistan’s economic and transit monopoly.
Taj Mohammad Talash, an expert said that changing Afghanistan to a transit region is a step towards economic self-sufficiency.
We can reach to self-sufficiency by three ways, agriculture, mines and transit and these three factors can change Afghanistan to a manufacturing and industrial country, Talash asserted.
The mutual economic interest of regional countries can also help Afghanistan in ensuring of peace and stability, Talash stated.
Saifuddin Saihoon, an economic faculty lecturer and expert in this regard said that Pakistan has been trying for many years to make Afghanistan dependent on its trade and economy, and thus always keep the country under pressure. Therefore, the use of the Chabahar port will be a good alternative for Afghan businessmen.
The Afghan government has also called the Chabahar port a good alternative in the transportation and trading sector and says the port is a shorter and cheaper route.