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Pakistani traders’ concern over expansion of Afghanistan trade with Central Asian countries

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Pakistani traders’ concern over expansion of Afghanistan trade with Central Asian countries
 Afghanistan and Pakistan has been considered as good marketplace for each others. But now the anxiety is that the challenge full political relation of both countries not to lay negative impact on Afghan and Pakistani traders.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said that this situation has made the Pakistani investors to be concerned and for improving relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan they are seeking for solution.
Seyamuddin Pesarlay, spokesman for Chamber of Commerce and Industries told media that currently Afghanistan had not only dependency on Pakistan market, but we have connections with so many other countries.
While, Mohammad Zubair, Chairman of Joint Afghanistan and Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries during a meeting in Islamabad urged the government of both countries to not involved trade issues in their political and security problems.
In a statement published by this chamber said that the distrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan not only preventing political talks, but also has put negative impact on trade relation of both countries.
Khan Jan Alokozay, Deputy Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industries while at present he is in Pakistan to talk on trade issues with Pakistani officials.
Currently, the level of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been reduced unprecedentedly.
According to ACCI the good relations of Afghanistan with Iran,  India and a few other countries, and  also Chabahar Port, Central Asia railway and air corridor has reduced this country’s imports and exports to Pakistan.
Wahidullah Ghazikhail, an economic expert in this connection said that although this alternative trade route is in the interest of Afghan traders, but trade through Pakistan was costless and easy.
Ghazikhail went on to say that Karachi Port is a good route for us, because there is no sanctions on Pakistan and from other side is costless and easy, in this case Pakistan and India markets are our historical centers, we hoped that trade relation not to be victimized of diplomacy.
The joint chamber of commerce and industries of Afghanistan and Pakistan are asking for improving trade relations at a time, while both countries in 2014 had committed to increase the investment to five billion dollars till upcoming five years.
This is in a time, the growth of trade relation of Afghanistan in the region has make Pakistan to be concerned, but still the people  of Afghanistan, especially Afghan traders are hoped that by end of challenges this relations once again to be resumed.