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Ring roads; strategic corridors for Afghanistan

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Ring roads; strategic corridors for Afghanistan
 Ring roads are one of the strategic corridors in Afghanistan, and also it is an important part of the agenda to merge the country in the region.
Mahdi Rouhani, spokesman for The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) in this  connection said that MoPW is  the successor to all the highways in Afghanistan, and all the roads in Afghanistan that come out of the city are all related to this ministry. And it is the ministry’s responsibility that by constructing roads to connect districts to districts; provinces to provinces, provinces to the capital and country to the regional countries through public highways. 
According to the official of the Ministry of Public Works, a total of 24 thousand square kilometers of roads are under maintenance, about 8 kilometers has been asphalted, and the rest are second-class roads, which was constructed by international community at cost of 4 million dollars last year.
Rouhani noted that during the past fourteen years, more attention was paid to the construction of roads, and now less attention is paying to road maintenance, so most roads have now been demolished. But in general, the Ministry of Public Works has vital projects, including Kabul ring road and a number of provinces where the Ministry has more focus.
He commented on national projects that include the liberation of the central regions of Afghanistan as a geography, the connecting of Afghanistan to transit crossroad, he added that these projects was promised by the president during his campaign, which the Ministry of Public Works has now implemented it.
Rouhani also stated that the Ministry of Public Works want to implement 397 projects costing 50 billion in less-developed districts, in order to ensure balanced development in the provinces.
Turning Afghanistan into a transit crossroad, which the president promised, is part of the ministry’s work, according to which for the first time, direct transfers between Afghanistan and China started through the railroads and the opening of the Aqina port which is one of the most important transit routes opened last year. Currently, direct transfers to Turkmenistan are taking place via Aqina and Torghundi ports, which connect Afghanistan to the Azure route. Another important project is TAPI that links Afghanistan to transit crossroad.
“The projects that were made by the international community in the past year are taking seriously into the maintenance of these roads, such as the Kabul-Kandahar road, which was built in 2002-2006 by the international community, but unfortunately it has not been taking under maintenance, based on this the roads are once again destroyed, such as the Kandahar-Kabul and Kabul-Jalalabad highways.
For the maintenance of roads, the Ministry of Public Works has offered 4 billion Afghanis from the government, but by parliament one million of it has been donated to this ministry, where this amount is not sufficient for road maintenance, Rouhani asserted.
For maintenance of Kabul-Kandahar and Kabul-Jalalabad highways the government has cooperated 30 million dollar with the ministry of public works, which its survey has begun in three sections. 
But the spokesman for the ministry pointed to local people’s cooperation, saying that in some areas people have collaborated with them, he mentioned about Helmand province that people in this  province had good cooperation with them in building road.