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Views on Afghan-Pak trade challenges

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Views on Afghan-Pak  trade challenges
 Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries says it does not believe that Pakistan will fulfill its promise to resolve trade challenges between the two countries. At the same time, economic analysts told The Kabul Times reporter that Pakistan has often created problems for Afghan traders to transfer their commodities. Saifuddin Saihoon, an economic expert, says the trade-related issue between Afghanistan and Pakistan has political dimension, and Pakistan is now struggling to hurt the economic and commercial interests of Afghanistan.
“I hope that Pakistan should logically think and understand that the fate, failure and poverty of both countries is based on regional cooperation and a trade and economic cooperation between the two countries would  be opened,” Saihoon added.
Saihoon emphasizes that if Pakistan does not change its strategic policy in this regard, and not fulfill its commitments in resolving current tensions with Afghanistan, it will bring bad consequences for both countries.
Meanwhile, Afghan businessman Ahmad Shafiq in this regard said that Pakistan has repeatedly said that this time the trade problems between the two countries will be overcome by negotiations, but as we are witnessing, this challenge is still ongoing.
Apparently, Pakistan has been pushing for a plan to speed up the process of transferring Afghan traders’ goods from ports to this country, Shafiq stated. 
But the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan does not believe on this country to do so.
The Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Khan Jan Alokozai said that Pakistan has consistently challenged Afghan traders by stopping their goods caravan across the borders of two countries, causing much economic losses to Afghanistan.
If these problems are not resolved, we will have to stop 80 to 90 percent of our exports in the future, and the fruits will be decayed and we have to transport our export materials, Pakistan whenever  promises something on the table, but it does not practice it, and it’s also up to us to take  serious  steps to solve our problems with that country, Alokozai asserted.
In the past, according to the Chamber of Commerce, up to 90 percent of Afghanistan’s transit and trade was  taken place through the port of Karachi, but at present due to creation of  problems  by Pakistan, 20 percent of the country’s transit and trade is taking place through that port.
By establishing two commercial corridors with India and rebuilding the Chahbahar, Turghundi and Aqina ports, the problems of Afghanistan have been resolved to some extent , Alokozai went on to  say.
Recently, The Nation news agency of Pakistan spoke on behalf of Rana Mohammad Afzal, Minister of Finance of that country, he had talked with the Afghan delegation on this issue and to would accelerate the process of transferring of Afghan goods and bring facilities in Pakistan’s customs offices for Afghan traders. Spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Musafer Qoqandi denies criticism on government’s lack of determination to resolve the problem, saying that Afghanistan has repeatedly urged Pakistan to end its double standard policy towards Afghanistan’s trade and transit.