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Afghanistan’s economy status & exports level increase last year

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Afghanistan’s economy status & exports level increase last year
 Officials to ministry of economy say Afghanistan economy status grew 0.5 percent in 1396 and currently the country’s economy growth reach to nearly 3 percent.
Increasing of home products and exports, improvement in national budget and supporting from private sector have helped increase of the country’s economy status.
Besides, opening air corridors with a number of countries of the region, TAPI and other projects that have change Afghanistan as bridge between Central Asia and South Asia are all key for the economy of Afghanistan.
A spokesperson to ministry of economy Suhrab Bahman told The Kabul Times correspondent that latest figures have shown that the country’s economic growth has reached to nearly 3 percent.
“Afghanistan’s economy growth increased by 0.5 percent in 1396 comparing to 1395, showing that our economy is in a good position comparing to last year, so we can say that our economic situation is improving and increasing day by day,” Bahman added.
Nevertheless, increasing of poverty, unemployment, imports and reducing of Afghan currency against foreign currencies can challenge claims made by ministry of economy in connection with increasing of the country’s economy status.
On the other hand, Afghans believe that no change has been seen in life of the people in the country so far.
“The people are not interested in purchasing and selling in Kabul city as most of the people are unemployed and cannot afford to buy something in market,” said Jawad, a shopkeeper in Kabul city.
Nasir Ahmad Tani, another Afghan resident, told The Kabul Times correspondent that recent incidents in particular suicide attacks have caused that most of Afghan youth and a number of families left for western and European countries, adding that a number of investors and traders have also invested in other countries rather than Afghanistan as insecurities were increasing day by day in the country.
But, deputy minister of finance Khalid Poyenda said if projects were completed and national budget was spent in a proper, considerable change would be brought in economic life of the people in the country.
Meanwhile, deputy spokesperson to presidential office Dawa Khan Menapal says opening of TAPI project in Afghanistan, CASA – 1000, one belt one road, extension of railway and opening of Chabahar port are a range of projects that were in top priorities of Afghanistan government last year.
He added that such development projects could help improve the country’s economy status.
According to Afghan officials, agricultural products, industry and services sector of the country have increased domestic incomes last year comparing to previous years.
But, lack of balance in imports and exports, insecurity, corruption, economic crime that can affect legal economy and leaving of investors and traders for other countries can slow down Afghanistan’s economy status, according to Fatema Aziz, a member of Afghanistan parliament.