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Biggest raisins, grape processing factory to be exploited in Parwan

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Biggest raisins, grape processing factory to be exploited in Parwan
 The officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MoAIL) said that ten big processing and packing centers of agricultural and dairy products are expected to be constructed in the country in 1397 solar year.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, spokesman of the MoAIL Akbar Rostami said, the biggest raisins and grapes processing factory is due to be exploited in Parwan province soon which is planned to be built with an investment of US $4 m contribution of private sector and MoAIL financial and technical support in which diverse kinds of Jams and juices would be produced.
At the same time, one of the domestic private investors has invested US $ 3.5 m for rice processing in the country and the processed rice would be supplied to a number of markets in central Asian countries beside domestic markets.
Chairperson of ShoaibFaisal company Ahmad Waleed said, since four years, we have been producing Afghan Sila rice and our marketing was good and we manage to compete with companies of neighboring countries. 
In recent years, a number of rice, wheat, fruits and dairies processing factories have been constructed inside the country in one hand and according to Association of Afghan Industrialists, although hundreds processing factories of agricultural products have been built inside the country but investment in this sector is not yet proportionate to the current capacity of the country. Based on information of MoAIL. In current year with cooperation of private sector, two Pine-nut, two dairy products, five saffron and one grapes processing factory in Parwan province is expected to be built with joint investment of public and private sector and would be exploited soon.
Similarly, the MoAIL plans to undertake and implement programs for improvement of farmers’ situation, agriculture, horticulture, forests management, food stuff processing, distribution of improved wheat seeds to farmers, empowerment of female farmers etc as its top priority.
Officials of the MoAIL said that in current year, our concentration would be on rehabilitation of irrigation and agricultural sectors.
Sometimes before, two pine-nuts processing factories were constructed in Khost and Paktya provinces that with their completion, smuggling of Pakistani pea-nuts would be prevented.