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Board set up to prevent supply of low quality goods: MoCI

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Board set up to prevent supply of low quality goods: MoCI
 The authorities of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) said that have they set up and activated a board in local markets to prevent supply of low quality materials and ensure security of customers.
They added hereafter they would not allow those traders who import low quality goods into local bazaars to exploit unawareness and poverty of customers and supply their low quality materials.
During the celebration ceremony of Customers’ Rights World Day in Kabul, they emphasized that the board activity has produced positive results.
Deputy MoCI Feroz Khan Masjedi said based on available law of Customer’s Rights Security, they have set up this board to prevent supply of low quality goods in local markets.
This board prevents supply of low quality and expired goods and at the moment it operates in 10 provinces and we plan to extend its operation in 34 provinces throughout the country. The MoCI plays important role in implementation of National Agenda of Food Security and we would like to improve quality of goods in local markets. The Customers’ Security Law has been prepared according to universal standards and all customers’ rights have been inserted in it. Customer has the right to know the quality and value of goods and during purchase he/she should be satisfied. The MoCI authorities have added that they have prevented commercial advertisements not adaptable with goods’ quality and value and in case of violation, the perpetrators would be prosecuted.
Often the Afghan people complain on low quality goods in domestic markets. Safi a resident of Kabul talking to The Kabul Times reporter said, no doubt, expired and low quality goods are supplied in local markets to people but so far no step has been taken by any authority against it and this is the first time that the MoCI has setup such a board to monitor goods and sellers. I hope our people awareness would improve and they would refuse purchase of low quality and expired commodities.
In his believe, there are plenty of expired and low quality goods which are smuggled or produced illegally but they have not been confiscated. If this board continuously operate in markets, it would probably be in the people’s benefit.
Narges a Kabul university student said, today in Kabul and provincial markets a lot of low quality and even expired goods including buiscuits, cakes, milk, cream, juice, cosmetics and perfumes liquid detergents are widely supplied and customers irrespective of their quality purchase them but later notice their harms.
He expressed hope that government would manage to prevent supply of such low quality and harmful products.
Beside abovementioned products, even low quality and expired medicines are also imported and supplied to people.
Despite of their commitment, the concerned authorities have not acted against them.
 Belal a vendor and seller of low quality goods said, every day he receives such low quality products from a number of shopkeepers in low prices and supply them to people. But we don’t know these expired and low quality products. We are poor and unemployed and have to work and support our families. Often people specially government employees who have constant and low salaries, purchase these products due to this suitable and affordable prices. So far no one has controlled us and actually whole sellers and major shopkeeper must be strictly monitored and controlled no small sellers.