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Afghani inflation against foreign currencies

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Afghani inflation against foreign currencies
 Although concerns have been growing among people on reducing of local currency value (Afghani) against foreign currencies specially US Dollar, but the authorities of Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank) said Afghani is in good position comparing currencies of neighboring countries. Implementation of development projects in local currency and its massive supply have caused to lots its value to an extent.
Spokesman of the Central Bank Emal Ashoor said that some other factors have also play role in Afghani inflation but the situation is not concerning.
Attributing this issue to market situation, Ashoor added, like the past we will continue our supply of Dollar but on the other hand, the national budget has been approved, development projects have been started and the government payments take place in local currency. So massive supply of Afghani causes its value to inflate.
Ashoor went on to say, to keep stability of Afghani value, the central bank sales dollar and prevents imports inflation.
According to central bank information, Afghanistan inflation has been about 4 percent which is several times low than regional countries, while years ago, one USD was exchanged against Afs 40-50 and at present one USD is exchanged Afs 69.80 that according to Afghanistan Money Changers’ Union, this is a unique inflation in the last one and half decade. 
In an interview with Radio Liberty, chairman of Afghan Money Changers’ Union, Mir Afghan Safi said, some polices of the CB have caused inflation of Afghani and in lack of essential protection measures by the CB, Afghani would be further inflated.
Economist Sher Ali Tazri said, the currency value of every country is related to level of domestic products, unfortunately our domestic products level is very low which is one of the key reasons of Afghani inflation against USD as success of peace process is another factor that directly affects Afghani value. But unfortunately growing wars and deterioration of security situation have caused Afghani inflation, every year in this season due to domestic and international transactions, USD deflates.
Another economic expert Daud Niazay said, political situation directly impacts Afghani value. Right economic polices have been undertaken by the government leaders. In order to prevent negative impacts of Afghani inflation on people’s daily living conditions, production should increase and imports decrease. High level of money value is in benefit of those countries who have more imports. If monetary stability is not protected, poverty level goes up and inflation takes place.