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Agreement on US assistance financial exemption signed

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Agreement on US assistance financial exemption signed
 In a meeting held recently between Finance Minister of Afghanistan, Eklil Hakimi and the US deputy ambassador in Kabul, the both sides discussed in connection with signing of agreement on US assistance tax exemption.
The achievements of government of Afghanistan in collection of national incomes that was also approved by International Monetary Fund (IMF), the opportunities and privileges of membership of Afghanistan in World Custom Organization (WCO), new reformation of this organization for customs of Afghanistan, exchange of customs information among neighboring countries for the aim of reformation and counter corruption and other issues were also the agenda of this meeting.
A decision was made so that the both sides technical teams to work on legal and technical dimensions of abovementioned agreement till the same to be implemented effectively.
At the same time, in regard with the US assistance tax exemption to Afghanistan, an economic expert, Saifuddin Saihoon in a briefing with The Kabul Times reporter said that no doubt, in every society, revenues cause the economic growth, but the tax  exemptions can bring benefit  for them not for Afghan people.
According to him, if the ministry of finance receives revenue from all traders, companies and national traders who import their commodities, it necessitates to receive revenue from imported goods and assistance rendered to Afghanistan as well. Because, giving tax is a must.
This economic expert added that we know that till now, the US rendered much assistance to Afghanistan, but economically, this country is a powerful one from economic point of view and is obligated to help Afghanistan towards its economic growth.
The people of Afghanistan also believe that in long-run receiving revenue can reach Afghanistan to its self-sufficiency, because, all goods and commercial commodities imported to Afghanistan, the importers should pay revenue to government.
If an ordinary shopkeeper, pays tax to government, it would be oppression. It holds true in connection with the US as well that this country to receive tax from a poor country like Afghanistan.
Naseh, a resident of Kabul city says that we expect from the US beside its cooperation with people and government of Afghanistan, this country should also cooperate Afghanistan in paying of revenue so that Afghanistan to stand on its own feet from economic point of view.