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Afghanistan exports to increase by $1 billion this year

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Afghanistan exports to increase by $1 billion this year
 Afghanistan is expected to invest on fresh and dried fruits, carpet, marble, granite and other precious stones, as per part of ‘Export Expansion Policy,’ by which the country’s exports would rise to $1billion this year.
The policy is made by the ministry of commerce and industries for the next five years (2018-2022), and if properly applied, would help the country’s export reach to $1 billion during the current year, said Musafer Quqandi, the spokesperson of the ministry, adding the policy would help the country’s exports increase by 30 percent by this year.
The policy would mostly focus on domestic products to compete in the world markets and provide high benefit to the country’s traders, said Quqandi.
Meanwhile, Siyam Pesarlay, the spokesperson of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries asked the government to provide required support to the traders and help in the process of standardization and marketing of the country’s exports.
He said the plan has been shared with the ministry of commerce and industries and expected to help traders export more products abroad.
“In the year past, the level of the country’s export was $800 million, but during the ongoing year, the level of the country’s exports has reached to more than $1 billion,” said the spokesman.
The Export Expansion Strategy has been under discussion since the last ten months by the private sector and the related organs as well as the representatives of the International Trade Center (ITC).
Under the policy, since then, the National Export Strategy was approved in a meeting of High Economic Council (HEC) chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, last week, at the Char Chanar Palace, said the spokesman.
The National Export Strategy, mainly includes nourishment of domestic products and the private flexibility for quality products, providing work and investment, increase of support in the markets and the strengthening of organizational capacity and providing support to the government and restoration of peace through economic growth.
The chamber of commerce and industries, while appreciating the move by the government, hoped this to be a step towards domestic products’ growth and asked the government to take practical step in implementation of the plan.