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War, insecurity cause increasing poverty, unemployment

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War, insecurity cause increasing poverty, unemployment
 Poverty and unemployment are subsequent challenges after war and insecurity in Afghanistan. The house national economy commission takes this problem serious said that these two factors have even forced the people to leave their home villages.
In an interview with the Radio Liberty, deputy chief of the house national economy commission Monawar Shah Bahadori said,, the government has not taken essential steps to bridle these challenges as majority of Afghan people are at close quarters with these two challenges. Large number of our educated youth are unemployed and a lot of families sleep with empty stomachs.
Due to poverty and unemployment, people rush to cities and increase problems and insecurity, lack of employment opportunities, corruption and lack of clear policies are the main reasons of current situation in Afghanistan.
Economic expert Sayed Rahman Emran said, reducing of foreign aids, withdrawal of majority of foreign troops who had been spending multi-billion dollars caused political destability and no confidences of domestic-foreign investors that paved the way for poverty and unemployment. 
Some political parties call increasing poverty and unemployment concerning. Addressing a gathering in capital Kabul, the leader of New National Front Anwarulhaq Ahadi said, economic challenges have been increasing and poverty rate has reached over 42%.
Acknowledging economic problems, poverty and unemployment, the Ministry of Economy (MoE) said that the government has undertaken basic measures. Spokesman of the MoE Sohrab Bahman said, the government tries to undertake local, regional and national programs for improving of economic situation as its improving now. We follow two goals. How to create jobs and reduce poverty. Poverty rate is 39%, rate of economic growth was 2.6% in 1396, exports reached US $800M.
Reduction of poverty and unemployment requires private sector investment, creation of employment opportunities and implementation of basic national programs.
A number of people call this situation shocking and said that the government has missed plenty of chances that the global community had provided.
In an interview with The Kabul Times, a local Mohammad said, the government could paved the way for improving of employment opportunities with establishment of projects and factories but it failed. The population of Afghanistan is increasing and it would be doubled in next years.