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Reduction in trade with Pakistan has not affected Afghanistan’s market, ACCI

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Reduction in trade with Pakistan has not affected Afghanistan’s market, ACCI
 While Afghanistan’s trade with Pakistan has declined unprecedentedly, but the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan (ACCI) said that the situation had not affected markets of this country.
But, the deputy chairman of ACCI, Khan Jan Alokozay told media that the situation had a bad impact on the Pakistan’s economy, and even some of its sectors are bankrupted.
Alokozay added that no problems have been seemed in the markets, and there are sufficient items as well and no challenge is ahead of flour, cement, construction materials and foodstuffs trade in Afghanistan. The private sector and the government of Pakistan have suffered much and their transportation are blocked, due to this, once again they are interested to start their trade ties with Afghanistan as usual.
While, according to some media reports, the trade level between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been declined at high percentage.
Based on recent figures of ACCI and private sector of Afghanistan the volumes of trade between the two countries from about 3 billion dollars have been decreased to 1 billion dollars.
Zahidullah Shinwari, head of chamber of commerce of Khaiber Pakhtunkhwa recently expressed concern that if political problems between Afghanistan and Pakistan not to be solved, possibly the commercial transaction between the two countries would go down more.
The chamber of commerce of both countries called hard policy by Pakistan and political problems and closing of borders were the factors behind decrease of trade level between the two countries.
Meanwhile, Mir Sayed Sayedi, in charge of international trade of ministry of commerce and industries of Afghanistan stated that decrease in trade level with Pakistan was not an intentional action, but the reason was to create alternative trade routes.
Currently, Afghanistan’s productions have been increased and the trade graph in Chabahar, Aqina, Shir Khan and Abas ports were preserved satisfactory, Sayedi stated.
At the meantime, Shir Ali Tazri an economic expert in the connection told The Kabul Times reporter that at current juncture of time the graph of  commercial transaction of  Afghans with using of alternative routes  and ports have been increased and in all markets of Afghanistan from foodstuffs to construction and electronics materials are  exist.
Saboor, a foodstuff shopkeeper in this  regard said that comparing to the past the Afghanistan’s markets have special boom in buying and selling  of foodstuffs and other  items. Previously the traders were importing their commodities only through Pakistan, but now via Chabahar and northern ports.