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TAPI project works underway in various sections, MoMP

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TAPI project works underway in various sections, MoMP
 Ministry of Mines and Petroleum says work on TAPI project in Afghanistan is underway in accordance to implementation and operation plan and based on agreements of the TAPI member countries and the work is seriously monitored.
Speaking in a news conference the other day, a spokesperson to Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) Abdul QadirMutfi while rejecting reports in connection with problems in work on the project in Afghanistan assured that work on the project is going well in various sections.
“Engineering work on the project has been completed and its procurement work is also underway. Besides, construction work on the project is going on too and the government of Afghanistanis committed to implementation of all programs relevant to the TAPI project and we have good achievement in this regard,” Mutfi said.
He added that Afghanistan government has held meetings with companies that are working on the TAPI project and discussed works on the project.
Mutfi further said that a government delegation would be soon dispatched to Herat to assess and monitor development of works on the project.
Work construction on the project was opened In Herat on Feb with presence of high-ranking officials of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and India.
While opening work on TAPI project in Herat, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani stressed that the project would both provide work opportunities to thousands of Afghanistan and bring gas and power to the Afghan families.
The country’s President said that no negligence was acceptable in implementation of the project.
TAPI gas pipeline project, considered as the biggest economic project of Turkmenistan, will transfer the Turkmen gas to Pakistan and India through Afghanistan, which can $400 million annually for its transit to the respective countries.
Despite that officials to ministry of mines and petroleum have assured of implementation of the project in Afghanistan, a number of Afghan economic experts considered increasing insecurities as big problem towards development and implementation of the project in Afghanistan soil.
“Unfortunately, insecurity is a big obstacle towards most of economic projects in Afghanistan where the enemies of Afghan people make use of increasing insecurities and do not want the projects to be implemented in the country,” said Shir Ali Tazari, an Afghan economic expert.
He asked the government to convince the people to cooperate security forces in maintaining of security of those areas where the pipeline is passing, otherwise insecurity would stop most of works on this big project in the country. It is worth mentioning that the TAPI pipeline project will be transferred to Pakistan through Herat, Farah, Nimroz, Helmand and Kandahar provinces. The central government of Afghanistan should plan a comprehensive security program so that security is maintained in the respective provinces.