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Turkmenistan reduces 50pc demurrages on Afghan merchandizes

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Turkmenistan reduces 50pc demurrages on Afghan merchandizes
 Turkmenistan has decreased 50pc demurrage port services on Afghanistan imports-exports merchandizes. According to a presidential press statement, for development of trade transactions with Afghanistan, Turkmenistan has recently reduced expenditures for different ports services for facilitation of exports-imports with Afghanistan.
The Afghan ACCI said that these services include ensuring security of merchandizes, loading services and maintenance of railways and wagons that Turkmenistan undertakes part of these services not only in its own ports but in Aqina port too.
Deputy Director of ACCI Khan Jan Alokozay said, the Turkmen authorities have reduced almost 50pc and even in some cases over 50pc of expenditures. For instance, if our wagons were not unloaded in 24 hours in ports, we had to pay US$ 300 per wagon, but now this tariffs have been removed.
Turkmenistan has asked Afghanistan to remove US $10 per ton for their exports in Aqina port. The Afghan MoF authorities said that decision will be taken on this issue after assessments.  MoF spokesman Ajmal Hameed said, in High Economic Council the Independent Railway Authority was tasked to discuss this issue with Turkmenistan and present a report to HEC based on technical discussions and decision will be taken on it according to national interests. 
According to information of ACCI, although our exports are not considerable with Turkmenistan but at present Turkmenistan is an important transit corridor of our merchandize particularly carpets to Turkey and Russia. The ACCI officials said that with creation of further facilities and reduction of trade tariffs, our transit to Turkmenistan would considerably increase.
Economic expert Sher Ali Tazri talking to The Kabul Times reporter, said, today one of the basic problems in most countries is marketing. Most countries have surplus production and their technology is advanced and their products cost cheap but unfortunately marketing is not available to their products. Every country tries to find markets for their products.
In his opinion, war in Afghanistan is today an economic war. 50pc reduction of ports services demurrages by Turkmenistan on Afghan imports-exports is in its own benefit and good to Afghanistan too that would develop Afghanistan trade through Turkmenistan and Afghanistan would be released from Pakistan dependence to an extent. Pakistan was inflicting economic damages to Afghanistan. Therefore development of Afghanistan trade with other countries is in our benefit.
He added, in the past Afghanistan was dependent to Pakistan 100pc from trade point of view. If in that time Pakistan had closed transit routes for Afghanistan, the prices increased in domestic markets that caused problems not only to traders but to Afghan people too.
Fortunately today every step of Pakistan on Afghanistan imports-exports and trade relations has no remarkable impact due to available alternate trade routes for our business that have removed problems of our traders to a large extent.